Salesforce Field Service: Detailed use cases

Salesforce Field Service for business success: Detailed scenarios and benefits

Salesforce Field Service for business success: Detailed scenarios and benefits
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What does a business leader aim to achieve with their service or product offerings? The answer is very simple:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Build brand reputation
  • Better customer and stakeholder relationship

88% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services, and 94% say service influences repeat buying decisions. – Salesforce

To achieve these goals, it is important to meet customer demands at the right time. A slight delay in offering what the users want might result into dissatisfied clients who would not return for another purchase from your business. Moreover, in case any maintenance or repair work is requested by the client, it is crucial to complete the job proactively. To ensure this, field service agents must be trained properly and given the right set of tools and technologies that can assist them to do their job without any hinderance.

Salesforce Field Service (formerly known as Field Service Lightning) offers highly customizable, mobile-friendly field service management solutions. Let’s explore more about Salesforce FSL services with different scenarios.

Scenario #1: Addressing network issues with Salesforce Field service for a telecom service provider


Network outages are a nightmare for any telecom services provider. Traditional, manual processes are tedious and slow to address network issues.

  • Customer support raises tickets for network outages reported by frustrated customers.
  • Dispatchers rely on siloed systems to share information about the issues with the technicians.
  • Technicians arrive on-site with limited information, requiring additional diagnostics to identify the problem.

Such inefficiencies lead to increased average resolution time and missed first-time fix rates. In turn customer retention rates also fall.

Almost 40% of those who left a telecom company did so because of poor customer service. – Kayako

Salesforce Field Service solution

  • Real-time visibility: Managers can gain real-time insights on the tickets. They get immediate alerts and detailed outage information.
  • Smart dispatch decisions: With AI-powered Salesforce Field Service, they can identify the required skills and equipment to resolve the issue. They can also gain information on traffic in real time for route optimization.
  • Mobile enablement: Technicians can access customer details, network diagnostics, and even repair manuals directly through the Salesforce FSL mobile app.

Benefits of using Salesforce Field Service for network issue resolution

  • Reduced MTTR
  • Improved first-time fixed rates
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

Sales and business impact

Faster resolution time converts to less revenue loss due to network outages. Improved customer satisfaction can lead to higher customer lifetime value and increased sales opportunities through upselling additional services or plans.

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Scenario #2 Ensuring smooth functioning of an auto parts manufacturer (OEM) with Salesforce Field Service


OEMs rely on a network of auto repair shops and garages to stock and sell their parts. Traditional methods of tracking and managing inventory can be cumbersome for companies providing services globally.

  • Manually tracking inventories often lead to potential stockouts and delay in serving customers’ vehicles.
  • With limited visibility into supply chain, it is difficult to fulfil the requirements of the customers who need part replacement or repair.
  • Communication between parts manufacturers and repair shops can be fragmented, hindering proactive maintenance and upselling opportunities.

Such inefficiencies lead to lost sales and decreased technician productivity.

Salesforce Field Service solution

  • Real-time inventory visibility: Manufacturers can gain insights into the stock levels of auto repair shops. This allows for proactive stock replenishment before stockout occurs.
  • Predictive maintenance: With historical data based on vehicle mileage and maintenance schedules, OEMs can suggest parts orders that might require repair or maintenance. This reduces downtime and increases revenue.
  • Mobile parts ordering: Repair shops can easily order parts directly through the Salesforce FSL mobile app, streamlining the process and ensuring parts arrive quickly.

Benefits of using Salesforce Field Service for efficient inventory management

  • Increased parts availability
  • Enhanced technician productivity
  • Stronger stakeholder relationships
  • More upselling opportunities

Sales and business impact

Increased parts availability translates to brand reliability and higher sales volume. This positively impacts auto parts manufacturer’s sales and business performance. Stronger relationships with repair shops open doors for upselling opportunities with potentially higher profit margins.

Scenario #3 From frustrating demos to faster deal closure


Showcasing product demos are often time-consuming for sales team, specially when the information is not handy. There are several hurdles faced by the sales department:

  • Demos that require equipment set up and manual paper signing or lengthy presentation, often makes the clients lose focus.
  • Without real-time information about the demo, field service agents often fumble. Reps may struggle to tailor presentations and answer specific questions effectively.
  • Manual follow-up creates delays in closing deals.

75% of field technicians report that products have become more complex and more knowledge, specifically more technical knowledge, is needed to perform their jobs now vs. when they started in field service. – The Service Council

Salesforce Field Service solution

Salesforce Field Service integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud offers the following solutions:

  • Pre-scheduling and coordination: Sales representatives can schedule a demo and ensure that the technicians have all the necessary equipment ready beforehand.
  • Mobile resource library: Sales representatives and technicians can get all the necessary information about the products handy through the Salesforce FSL mobile app integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud. This provides instant access to digital product manuals, brochures, and presentations, allowing reps to showcase features effectively and answer customer queries on the spot.
  • Electronic signature capture: Sales team can directly quote the price after demo and enable clients to share e-signature within the app. This allows for a faster deal closure.

Benefits of Salesforce Field Service integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Enhanced customer relationship
  • Increased sales efficiency
  • Faster sales cycle
  • Improved conversion rates

Sales and business impact

Faster deal closures result in increased sales and revenue. The combinational power of Salesforce Field Service and Sales Cloud helps sales rep generate more business in shorter time. This in turn leads to higher return on investment, fostering customer loyalty and potentially leading to repeat business and referrals.

How Softweb Solutions can help with Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce FSL is a powerful tool. However, implementing it can be a tedious task and requires an expert. Softweb Solutions has a team of certified Salesforce developers with a vast experience in delivering Salesforce solutions. Here’s how we can help:

  • Implementation and customization: After understanding your requirements, our consultants help to develop Salesforce solutions tailored accordingly, and plan a thorough implementation strategy.
  • Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud: We integrate Salesforce FSL with Sales cloud, ensuring efficient data flow and offering a holistic view of the customer journey. This enables better collaboration between sales and service teams.
  • Mobile enablement: Our Salesforce experts develop FSL mobile app to help you with real-time access to data, electronic signature capture, and streamlined on-site demo.
  • Data migration and cleansing: We ensure smooth transition from legacy or current platform to Salesforce with reduced downtime.

Improve the bottom line of your business with Salesforce Field Service

Businesses strive to enhance customer experience by offering exceptional services. However, merely providing quality products is not enough in this competitive world. Support and maintenance is equally important.

Salesforce Field Service equips you with solutions you need to exceed across all these dimensions. Moreover, the power of Salesforce Field Service integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud empowers your sales force to identify upsell opportunities, streamline workflows, and close deals faster. However, for seamless implementation, a Salesforce integration services provider is required.

Contact our certified Salesforce consultants to know more about the benefits of implementing Salesforce Field Service.

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