Salesforce Sales Cloud integration for a Telecom service provider Salesforce Sales Cloud integration for a Telecom service provider

Client background

Our client is one of the leading telecom service providers. They have been serving consumers and businesses for over 20 years. They specialize in telecom equipment, services and wireless communication. Their services include voice, internet, cable, wireless and automation.

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    Salesforce Sales Cloud, Pardot


Our client wanted to increase their business productivity, improve their process quality and enhance the buying experience of their customers. They didn’t have good visibility on potential clients. When they used to get customers, their turnaround time used to be slow; hence, they were not able to convert their potential leads into opportunities and close the deals. So, they wanted to get a complete view of customers and opportunities, improve decision-making, accelerate deal processing and make their pipeline management more effective.


Our team analyzed the client’s needs and their entire sales process. We integrated Salesforce Sales Cloud for a real-time view of their entire sales team’s comprehensive forecast and see adjustments as soon as they are made. It also helped them make forecasts for the most complex sales territories and be tailored to fit their specific needs.

Our team also created a set of documents defining roles and responsibilities, basic project requirements, timelines, milestones and time frames.

With the new solution they can:

  • Improve association between presales and account managers
  • Introduce online tracking of opportunities
  • Advance reporting for sales managers with reports and dashboards
  • Optimize database management
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Streamline follow-ups and tracking
  • Share information that needs immediate actions in real-time
  • View inter-operational information like issues and lead journey
  • Build stronger sales pipelines
  • Effectively measure sales metrics
  • Strategic prospecting for better sales
  • Enhance the accuracy of forecasts by creating balanced sales territories
  • 50%

    Growth in

  • 30%

    Increase in number
    of subscribers

  • 45%

    Improved customer

  • 35%

    Rise in lead

Salesforce Integration in Telecom Industry

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