Explore the key features & benefits of Salesforce Field Service

What are the key features & benefits of Salesforce Field Service?

What are the key features & benefits of Salesforce Field Service?
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Customer expectations constantly change, and managing field service operations is challenging. Organizations, dispatchers, service agents, mobile employees, and managers need the right tool for intelligent scheduling to assign work and gain real-time visibility into service operations.

With Salesforce Field Service Lightening services, everything is possible. Organizations can enhance productivity and deliver exceptional customer experience. The metrics given below support this:


Source: Field Service Datasheet(salesforce.com)

Salesforce Field Service delivers end-to-end services, seamlessly connects to customers, schedules appointments, and optimizes field work. With Field Service Analytics, identify trends and problems and resolve them in real-time. In this blog, we will discuss the features and benefits of Salesforce Field Service.

Understanding Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce Field Service (formally known as Salesforce Field Service Lightening) is a comprehensive tool with various features that connect customers, products, and workforce in a single platform to deliver hassle-free on-site services. It is a specialized salesforce application with highly customizable solutions and a mobile field service hub that efficiently optimizes field service operations for businesses.

The platform enables you to manage various kinds of work, such as

  • Manage field service work orders for customers
  • Create maintenance plans
  • Schedule field service tasks and appointments
  • Generate service report to inform the customer about service progress
  • Keep track of scheduled appointment
  • Efficiently manage field service resources

Salesforce Field Service is a game-changer for organizations that enables you to automate manual processes. It empowers you to manage and schedule your field service workforce and ensures the technicians are deployed to the right locations. The robust analytical dashboard provides real-time visibility and control over field operations resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

You can allocate resource efficiently, streamline service delivery, track service requests, and enhance customer satisfaction through seamless coordination and insightful data-driven decision-making. Also, ensure customers receive timely service.

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Features of Salesforce Field Service

1. Intelligently managed work order

Salesforce FSL revolutionizes work order management, which is essential for efficient and smooth operations. Ineffective management leads to a substantial loss of 6-10% of the business’s annual revenue.

By leveraging the Salesforce Field Service tool, you can create, maintain, and manage work orders precisely and simplify your field service operations. This efficient tool with advanced features offers a comprehensive view of customer accounts and enables you to assign specific technicians based on location, skills, and availability. It reduces travel time and minimizes costs, optimizing resource utilization.

2. Automated appointment scheduling

Managing workforce scheduling has always been a time-consuming task. Manually you spend hours navigating data to fetch the optimal solutions. However, with the FSL dispatcher console UI, the process becomes streamlined.

In just a minute, you can effectively manage and schedule your workforce saving time and effort. The tool allows access to diverse information, allowing you to appoint and match the technicians with tasks based on their skills and availability, resulting in optimal deployment and productivity.

For example, managers can view criteria such as availability, skills, and past experiences to find the perfect match for the respective job. Salesforce Field Service enables managers to efficiently allocate resources with accurate information to save time and effort.

The dispatch console transforms your workforce management by optimizing the entire process. It simplifies appointment scheduling, optimizes routes for technicians, and provides real-time tracking of the progress. It not only increases efficiency but also adds to customer satisfaction by ensuring timely and effective service delivery.

3. Efficient inventory management

Salesforce Field Service offers scalable solutions for businesses seeking efficient inventory management. Real-time data is essential for any business to manage business assets. This tool provides concurrent visibility on stock levels and items in individual work trucks. It enhances and facilitates resource allocation by managing tools, equipment, and parts for each service call or project.

4. Intuitive field service analytics

It provides actionable insights for managers to improve their productivity and empower them to make decisions at all levels.

  • Dispatch team: The tools help to predict roadblocks, assign the right technicians to the right job, and optimize the schedule.
  • Field technicians: It helps them to access customer history, identify parts available on the field, and access job details.
  • Management: Easily track trends and performance, decide resource allocation, and deliver exceptional customer service.

5. Robust mobile functionality

The Salesforce Field Service app is essential for field technicians in providing real-time updates, relevant data, and seamless coordination with the back office. Its robust features ensure smooth coordination with the team members and provide real-time access to information during fieldwork. It enables easy access to their schedules, review customer histories, and access job details, eliminating the manual paperwork so that they have all the resources to complete their task efficiently.

Technicians can also record job details, take photos, and collect customer signatures. It improves data accuracy and eliminates the necessity of going to the office for paperwork completion.

Businesses that leverage the advantage of this app, enhance their productivity, deliver seamless customer support, and increase team efficiency.

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Benefits of implementing Salesforce Field Service

1. Increased efficiency and productivity

94% of service professionals highlight productivity as a major benefit of field service management. (By Salesforce)

Salesforce Field Service for FSM enables organizations to maximize workforce efficiency through intelligent scheduling and mobile access for technicians to view important data. Businesses can ensure faster turnaround time by deploying the right technicians efficiently at the right place.

It streamlines the management approach, increases operational efficiency, and delivers prompt and effective services.

2. Improved customer satisfaction and derived better outcomes

71% of mobile workers have reported an increase in expectations for prompt service and support before the pandemic. (By salesforce)

Customer satisfaction is essential for every business success, and this Salesforce tool proliferate organizations to fulfil customer expectations. It gives real-time insights to inform customers about service appointments, arrival times, and emergency delays.

This platform enables technicians with the equipment and knowledge to complete the job on their first visit. It helps them to serve customers faster and better. Some stats by Salesforce that showcase advantages of Salesforce Field Service:

  • 95% of technicians save time
  • 94% of mobile workers can focus on individual customer needs
  • 94% of workers can take on new projects to increase their points
  • 92% technicians report few errors

3. Efficient resource management

Efficient resource management enables you to build customer trust, faster turnaround time and increases first-time fix rate. It increases your planning capabilities, automates routine tasks, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Salesforce Field Service revolutionizes FSM by providing the tools necessary to achieve operational excellence, increase on-site efficiency, maximize workforce productivity, and deliver customer service consistently. It enables managers to make decisions and streamline the dispatch of technicians efficiently.

To understand how the benefits of Salesforce Field Service for FSM scale your business, minimize cost, and manage technicians.

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