How Power Platform integration with Dynamics 365 can benefit you? How Power Platform integration with Dynamics 365 can benefit you?

Will Power Platform replace Dynamics 365?

Will Power Platform replace Dynamics 365?
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Power Platform and Dynamics 365 are both Microsoft solutions, designed to assist businesses for better optimization. However, it’s intriguing to know what the combination of both technologies may achieve for enterprises. Their robust features may astound you and you may also gain an edge over your competitors.

The four offerings of Power Platform include: Power BI, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and Power Apps. All of them are developed to enable enterprises to automate processes, construct solutions and analyze data. Through this blog post, we will showcase how businesses can harness the power of data and learn about the impact of these solutions when integrated with Dynamics 365.

What do the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 bring to your table?

Power Platform

Power Platform is a low-code solution to build multi-faceted enterprise apps that enable significant ROI. All four tools of Power Platform can help you quickly enhance Dynamics 365 capabilities.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a set of intelligent business apps that use predictive, AI-driven insights. It also governs your entire company and helps to create productive outcomes. Not only that, Dynamics 365 applications work in unison to provide a comprehensive solution that manages your total business operations.

The integration of these two versatile solutions allows you to connect your business for potential apps and future growth. Besides, marketing, sales, support and supply chain operations always demands for optimal efficiency.

With Power Platform integration with Dynamics 365, you can empower your employees and customers to engage at any time, on any device, to take your business processes to the next level. Here are a few examples of what this powerful integration can do:

  • Merge all data in one place to boost productivity and gain better insights
  • Utilize tight integration with Microsoft Office tools for access to reliable information
  • Organize and manage cross-channel marketing campaigns, sales funnels and campaign execution
  • Detect early sales patterns using insightful marketing analytics and quickly respond to market demands
  • Using predictive analytics, gather customer data and mine them to produce customized content and cross-sell or upsell
  • Customize workflows to meet your specific business needs, such as scaling operations or improving quality

How to accelerate your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform?

While many organizations are acquainted with Microsoft Power Platform tools, many are still facing challenges in applying them to their business. Let’s see a few ways of how the combination of Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM is helping modernize business operations.

Form Processor – The use of the Form Processor component in Power Apps is a useful functionality to begin with. Form Reader allows you to train a model to read data from your document or image, even handwriting. The most common application is to automate AP operations using AP invoices. It can handle anything from creating an app that allows you to take a picture of an invoice with your phone and review the data before sending it to Dynamics 365 for Finance via standard connectors. Alternatively, you can also create a Power Automate flow that reads an invoice from an email and sends the data to your ERP via an Outlook Connector.

Power Virtual Agents – Virtual agents can effectively help to free up your employees by assisting in several mundane tasks. You may use Power Platform to construct Power Virtual Agent integration to help your employees with tasks like sending invoices, accessing important project papers and running test scripts. The Virtual Agent can assist users by answering pertinent questions, directing them to the SharePoint site and guiding them to the Microsoft Documents web page. Moreover, you can send an email alert when users are unable to locate the information they need.

Simplify CRM usage – Organizations often look for innovative approaches and more flexibility as they grow. Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to increase system acceptance among several employees while also permitting you to integrate more data into your systems. The integration not only allows for fast and secure services but as well helps your employees to work efficiently. Furthermore, it also enables customization for remote employees, which may lead to higher productivity.

Increased mobility – There has been a lot of pressure to accommodate the mobility needs of increasing businesses, especially in sales and marketing. Manual updates, front and back are no longer helping. Therefore, the integration of Dynamics 365 with other tools features a robust solution to meet your business and customer needs, regardless of your users’ location. Dynamics 365 has features such as staff mapping and scheduling, managing service agreements and providing users with improved data at their fingertips.

Reimagine your business possibilities

The Microsoft ecosystem delivers your company the tools necessary to analyse data, create business apps, automate processes and deploy virtual agents as needed. Thanks to the integration of Power Platform and Dynamics 365, as well as Office 365, Azure and a hundred other apps. This combination lays the groundwork for rapid value realization and transformation of the digital customer experience. Take advantage of our Power Platform development services, which are tailored to your specific needs.

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