Softweb Solutions launches 360° programs for business leaders

Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions launches 360° programs for business leaders

Maximize ROI for a future-ready business: Softweb’s custom packages for sustainable growth

January 31, 2024, Chicago, IL – Softweb Solutions, a global leader in providing cutting-edge technological solutions to drive digital transformation and business growth, proudly announces the launch of its 360° programs focused on AI, generative AI, data, IoT, digital, and its new product Needle. This comprehensive suite of technology offerings provides an integrated approach to help enterprises realize the full potential of future-ready innovation.

“Today’s rapid pace of technological change mandates companies to evolve or evaporate. Our new 360° programs enable organizations to not only to keep up with innovation but also integrate them with existing business operations to harness their unique advantages,” said Prasad Bhojak, VP at Softweb Solutions.

With this mindset, experts at Softweb Solutions crafted this 360° program that comprises tech and consulting expertise to guide businesses towards growth and adapt to changing market demands.

Prasad added, “Our role is to empower industry leaders to drive growth, save costs, invest in tomorrow and derive first-mover advantage. These 360° programs provide turnkey access to essential emerging capabilities. This can help any business address critical initiatives such as efficiency aspirations, regulatory mandates, external threats or growth ambitions.”

Softweb Solutions introduces 360° programs that include:

AI360° Program

This program is designed to enhance key aspects of human-driven decision making. It includes integrating AI to optimize decision workflows, conducting data-driven analysis, enabling dynamic risk management, and performing rapid trend analysis.

Gen AI 360° Program

The program’s goal is to help companies harness the breakthrough capabilities of generative AI to drive unprecedented modernization. By leveraging these models’ abilities to create fresh ideas and content at scale, organizations can invent entirely new product categories, services, and even business models they never before thought possible.

Data360° Program

The data program unlocks siloed data’s trapped value using the latest techniques in data engineering, science, visualization and analytics. This provides companies with the information they need to guide strategic decisions, offer personalized consumer experiences, enhance supply chain optimization and explore new monetization models.

IoT360° Program

Our IoT program provides integrated consulting and services spanning different IoT layers such as, integrating devices, managing connectivity, harnessing data, and building end-to-end smart solutions.

Digital360° Program

With this digital program, organizations can construct an enduring digital strategy to respond with agility as market conditions evolve. The program helps align infrastructure and resources to execute digitization throughout the business to continuously adopt innovations that will drive competitive differentiation now and in the future.


Finally, Needle represents Softweb’s next-generation custom generative AI framework. It consists of features like chat conversations, powerful insights, and smart search.

As emerging technologies continue to advance at warp speed, the window for harnessing these innovations to gain competitive advantage grows ever shorter. Softweb Solutions is committed to steering clients toward technological horizons that will drive the next era of progress.

“At Softweb Solutions, we are committed to helping enterprises navigate complex digital transformations to future-proof their business. Our 360° programs reinforce this pledge by providing integrated access to the latest innovations that drive progress,” Prasad concluded.

About Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions is a leading technology consultancy and digital solutions company, with a strong focus on providing advanced AI and data analytics services. We offer IT consulting services to help organizations realize their true business value. With a track record of delivering transformative solutions, Softweb Solutions empowers businesses to thrive in the digital age.

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