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Digitize operations in your smart manufacturing unit

Manufacturing has progressed considerably since the industrial revolution. And innovations from the Internet of Things (IoT) keep on adding to its advancements. De facto smart manufacturing is totally renovating manufacturing processes with the incorporation of IoT-enabled sensors. This is leading to manufacturers from different industries implementing IoT technologies in their manufacturing unit to increase the profits.

Leveraging the power of data requires bridging the IT/OT gap

Data assemblance involves the collection of information from numerous sources, and due to dynamic data aggregation and analysis, it becomes complex to feed everything to the optimization algorithm. Since automation/OT is ruled by proprietary standards, it further complicates data extraction. It is not properly assimilated with enterprise level (IT) and is restricted by certain specific and low bandwidth technologies.

We transform your digital operations with the following steps

IoT assessment

The fourth industrial revolution offers attractive opportunities for digital manufacturing. The assessment includes technologies, capabilities, and culture and conveys the roadmap while concentrating on prime zones.


We have designed a workshop for you to begin with your IoT journey. It helps you to understand why and how you should start with the Internet of Things with a proof of concept for your business.

Operational Intelligence (OI) framework

Operational Intelligence assimilates and analyzes data from various sources and uses data for actionable information. OI facilitates manufacturers in connecting operations KPIs and critical business metrics.

Smart Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

The confluence of IoT and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) into a manufacturing optimization platform is Smart (MOM). We help you to incorporate operational fields through business process automation.

Creating a new era for the manufacturing industry with IoT

  • Making of an end-to-end IoT solution
  • Monitor production in real-time
  • Get valuable insights from your data

Why choose us

Softweb Solutions Inc. utilizes its thorough knowledge in the latest digital technologies like IoT, AI, cloud computing, and predictive analytics to deliver integrated, secure, and scalable systems across every major segment of the manufacturing process. We help you to develop your operations with enhanced quality, performance, consistency, and efficiency.

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