Do you want to build an intelligent bot that can scale on demand

Softweb Solutions is a bot development company with expertise in using all the major bot frameworks. We can build you bots using language and syntax parsing, machine learning, integrate them with cloud-based applications and search engines through published APIs.

Our team is well-versed with the best programming languages for bot development such as Node.js, Python, C# and more as these languages are dynamic and have useful modules for effective integration of the bot with the messaging application of your choice.

Unable to decide between rule-based bots and AI-powered bots?

Unable to decide between rule-based bots and AI-powered bots?

We will analyze your business requirements and then develop a bot based on various factors such as visual recognition, speech recognition, support for multiple devices, support for different natural languages, and translation of languages.

4 steps to build an intelligent bot for your business

The Microsoft Bot Framework offers bot connectors for different messaging platforms, bot builder SDK, and a bot directory to build and deploy highly advanced bots for your users to enrich their conversational experiences.


Bot building blocks

Making use of the chat emulator or by downloading the SDKs for C#, Node.js, REST or .NET.


Determine the bot

Checking out the Bot Directory to add a bot that offers you an outstanding user experience.


Expand the connectivity

Connecting your bot to various communication channels for a better conversation experience.


Add human-like intelligence

Integrating LUIS technology to enable your bot to hear, interpret, & see, just as humans do.

Bots frameworks and platforms

We know which one is the right choice for you

Microsoft Bot Framework – ideal for developing enterprise bots

Microsoft’s framework supports ten channels, including Direct Line (an API to connect your app to the bot). The framework is ideal for enterprises that want to deploy bots quickly across multiple channels. The supported channels are –

  • SMS
  • Office 365 Mail
  • Skype
  • Slack
  • GroupMe
  • Telegram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Kik
  • Web
  • Direct Line

Key features of Microsoft Bot Framework

  • Bing Channel Integration
  • Adaptive Cards
  • Bot Payment
  • LUIS
  • Cortana Skill
  • Azure Bot Service V.Next

Create MS bots

IBM- Build powerful AI assistants that can understand your customers

IBM provides a platform that easily enables you to develop an intelligent bot with natural language understanding components. With data discovery, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities such as natural language dialogue, it can create a chatbot that can interact with data conversationally to get answers you understand. The Watson framework’s NLP analyzes text to extract meta-data from content such as keywords, categories, entities, concepts, relations and semantic roles. Create IBM bots

Oracle – perfect for enterprises using Oracle ERP

The Oracle Framework is the perfect option to extend the reach or support of your existing Oracle EBusiness Suite and other Oracle ERPs. It is capable enough to build and run bots for enterprises as well as consumers on many modern messaging apps. Create Oracle bots

Slack – best for organizations big on collaboration

The Slack framework helps in integrating and deploying fully-featured bots with Node.js, Python, C# and other outgoing and incoming webhooks that have control over your automated messages. You can also use Slash commands to implement specific actions in bots. The app directory shows the main mechanism for finding and provisioning bots. Create Slack bots

Telegram’s BotFather – the go-to framework when bots need to interact with Big Data

The Telegram framework provides commands, APIs, and mechanisms that are useful in implementing bots that interact with the users and does multiple tasks efficiently. The BotFather offers a mechanism for controlling all the other bots available on multiple platforms. Telegram is the right alternative if there is a huge amount of data and you need a bot to search out information/documents from a central repository. Create Telegram bots

Facebook – the undisputed choice when it comes to B2C bots

The Messenger Platform enables bots to run on Messenger and can be integrated with the platform for natural language processing and conversational analysis. With Facebook Messenger, you can add visual UI controls to improve the user experience in the bots and webhooks to get events and implement business logic. Create Facebook bots

Kik – easily add NLP capability to your bots

Kik is an emerging chat platform that lets developers to create chat bots with its Rest APIs on the Kik messaging platform, allowing brands to engage their customers effectively. Kik integration lets you create Kik bots using natural language understanding easily. Create Kik bots