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Delivering the next level of innovation in the banking and financial sector

Softweb Solutions offers smart banking, financial services and insurance solutions that are digitally sound and adaptive to deliver the best results. Our team can develop smart BFSI solutions surrounding technological innovation, organizational flexibility, and client centricity. We have developed cutting-edge banking and financial solutions that enable secured transactions, real-time insights, and personalized services and products by eliminating human errors.

  • 52%

    increase in business agility

  • 30%

    operational cost saving

  • 58%

    faster loan processing

AI and data intelligence

We offer customized AI and data-driven BFSI solutions that improve banking operations, reduce response times, and efficient management of repetitive processes. Our AI-based solutions, such as, chatbots can handle customer service with much accuracy while our data intelligence services will identify fraudulent activities, predict future events based on past happenings, and increase customer retention.

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Digital Innovation

By developing a unified BFSI platform, we provide a unique banking interface, helping your customers to engage seamlessly with products and services and assess content through different devices. Our banking solutions like content management, mobile applications or web portals are compliant with regulations, ensure data integrity and security, and eliminate paperwork.

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Business Services

With our BFSI smart solution, your business gains the potential to share a system of record, eliminate intermediaries, reduce fraud, increase efficiency, and save cost. Also, we build customized solutions to help banks in their endeavor to enhance customer experience, accelerate branch productivity, and increase efficiency on the whole.

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Technology Services

At Softweb, our team develops cloud-based BFSI solutions that work 24/7 with great accuracy, helping you to achieve compliance and decrease business risks. By deploying our solutions, banks and financial institutions can increase the productivity of the back office staff by automating manual tasks using technologies such as process automation, IoT, and more.

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