Why you should create an AI bot for handling everyday tasks in your organization

No matter which industry you are in and whatever kind of clients you are serving, your employees have a lot of routine tasks that can be done in a much smarter manner. By building an AI-enabled chatbot for your workplace you can manage everyday tasks efficiently, improve internal processes and employee productivity.

Automate workplace tasks and save your organization’s valuable time

Softweb Solutions can make things easier for you and your employees. We will provide a central interface for your users in the form of a workplace productivity bot, from where everyone in your organization can communicate in a quick and easy manner. You can have an easy to use messaging bot with fine-grained controls and policies that mitigate corporate risk.

Business benefits of using an office productivity bot

Increase collaboration
among teams

More effective

Automate mundane
work activities

Quick product/service

Hassle-free meeting

Better project

Develop bots that work across all the leading social messaging applications


Digital transformation is all about delivering better CX and increased ROI

Date: Thursday, Nov 05, 2020
Time: 10:00AM TO 11:45AM CT