How Power BI Desktop enhances data analytics for businesses How Power BI Desktop enhances data analytics for businesses

Enhanced data analytics and connectivity with Power BI Desktop

Enhanced data analytics and connectivity with Power BI Desktop
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The most powerful data visualization tool, Power BI, has now paired up with Azure ML to give visualization a predictive dimension. With the what-if analysis feature, Power BI Desktop now provides users with better predictive models.

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Power BI is empowering people to tell stories with data. – Nick Michetti, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Enhancing the story-telling aspect of Power BI Desktop, Microsoft has implemented new features that enable users to easily utilize charts and reports into their presentations and stories.
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With features that enabled users with enhanced story-telling capabilities and predictive models, Power BI Desktop furthermore enhanced its analytics and connectivity.

Data analytics

Quick measures for SSAS live connections

Quick measures let you quickly and easily create new measures / calculations on numerical columns of the data table. Power BI enables users to create measures based on 19 different calculations across five different categories. These new measures become part of the users’ model and can be used in any of the charts. Now, Power BI Desktop enables users to use quick measures for report that are using live connection mode against SQL Server Analysis Services models. Power BI Desktop analysis services provide users with multidimensional models.
However, some quick measures won’t be available on certain AS server versions as different quick measures require support for different DAX functions and operators.

Sales from new customers quick measure

This feature allows the users to aggregate the measures from a new category. This quick measure lets users get insights by calculating the sales data for first time customers or the number of first time customer-care callers.

Cell-level formatting support for multidimensional AS models

If you have cell-level formatting set up in your on-premises SQL Server Analysis Services models, the formatting will be reflected in your Power BI reports. The formatting on the value, matrix, and single value card visuals will be implied directly on the output without any additional steps.

Data connectivity

Power BI Desktop now has a new data connector that helps users to fetch their data from sources and an updated SAP BW connector for importing additional member properties.

Vertica connector

The Vertica Analytics platform is used to store large databases. Users can easily extract the data from this platform with speed and scalability. The new Vertica connector allows users to build reports by importing or creating a DirectQuery connection to databases in the Vertica Analytics Platform. It enables users to procure data at a blazingly fast speed.

SAP BW connector

With SAP BW connector, Power BI Desktop now gives users the ability to import additional member properties. Users can then select these properties within the Navigator dialog. They can also select one or multiple properties for each selected object, which will be represented as new columns in the output results of their queries.
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