Magento CRM integration benefits for retailers Magento CRM integration benefits for retailers

Top 5 Magento CRM integration benefits for retailers

Top 5 Magento CRM integration benefits for retailers
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In this digital era, retailers use numerous channels like an online marketplace, e-commerce stores, social media and others to ensure their consumers get the best user experience when they shop online. However, e-commerce retailers find it challenging in meeting the consumer demand, generating targeted traffic, fulfilling order requirements, attracting visitors and retaining customers.

To address these challenges, you need the best CRM for Magento store that helps retailers to streamline sales, marketing activities, and customer information. In this blog post, we will address the benefits of Magento integration services with a CRM system and explore the most popular CRM platforms. In this blog post, we will address the benefits of Magento integration services with a CRM system and explore the most popular CRM platforms.

Key benefits of integrating your Magento e-commerce platform with a CRM

1. Improved demand and supply chain
E-commerce CRM systems offer demand-driven capabilities, making it easier to procure goods based on demands. Retailers can largely benefit from real sales data and also forecast the availability of several products based on demands.

2. Gain a competitive advantage
Automated and coordinated information enhance performance by ensuring the accuracy of order fulfillment and timely delivery of goods. You can also streamline all the orders for the convenient distribution of goods to be more profitable. Besides, you can effectively manage your prospects and onboard new customers.

3. Improve sales team performance
If you are tensed about your team making mistakes, worry no more. With Magento CRM integration, your sales team can provide improved customer service. Your orders will be managed properly and timely communication will increase customer satisfaction.

4. Minimize losses
Manual errors and typos may lead your business to suffer a loss. If you are using traditional data transfer methods for your online store, it’s time for a change. Adopting a CRM solution for your e-commerce business proves to significantly reduce losses.

5. Reporting and forecast
Integrating CRM systems promotes customizable reporting options that illustrate your entire business actions such as sales forecasting report, specific budget report, deal-close probability report and more. Therefore, it becomes convenient to forecast budget planning and evaluate the areas that demand improvements.



Popular CRM providers for Magento platform retailers

CRM software development is a huge industry that is blooming to accommodate e-commerce businesses. However, choosing the right Magento CRM integration that best meets your retail business requirements is necessary. With CRM integration services you can get the support to build innovative solutions for clients from different industries and business verticals. To help you out, we have listed the most popular CRM solutions and highlighted its unique features to help you make the right choice. Let’s check them out:

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is among the leading CRM platforms that provide a multitude of ways to identify insights and trends when it comes to leveraging data. When you look forward to having Magento integration with Salesforce, you can expect numerous benefits from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud.

  • The Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you organize your customer data into comprehensive customer profiles that can be used by your sales teams to cross-sell, upsell and retarget customers. Each time a customer makes a purchase, the Sales Cloud updates the customer profile so that your team never misses out on any customer activity detail.
  • Within the CRM, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you consolidate your marketing activities. It lets you do everything, from email promotions, and social media interaction to even advertisement strategies, the Marketing Cloud is a robust and powerful platform in itself.
  • With the Salesforce Service Cloud, you can emphasize on automation. The Service Cloud is powered by artificial intelligence and helps to manage clients’ when chatbots are away. Specifically, during an inbound or outbound call, you can find all the customer details right in front of you.

2. SugarCRM

Magento and SugarCRM are both open-source platforms that offer you the opportunity to customize and streamline a variety of business processes such as order routing, inventory synchronization, as well as management of customer issues. By doing so, it eliminates the need for third-party integrations for improved functionalities.

Understanding and knowing your customer is the cornerstone that will keep your e-commerce store on a competitive edge. Hence, consolidate all your business processes with a Magento Integration with SugarCRM and evaluate the consumer actions at a granular level.

3. Microsoft Dynamics

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics and Magento Commerce helps you automate several business processes while enabling you to get a complete picture of overall online marketing and sales operations. Enterprises are leveraging Magneto 2 Dynamics 365 Integration to automate their workflows using prebuilt integration flows to synchronize orders between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Here’s how it works:

  • With Magento Dynamics CRM integration, you can enable your consumers to access all their interactions with your brand in one place. You can also let them see their credit limits, buying trends, and more.
  • You can automate workflows like fulfillment and restocking inventory to speed up other business activities such as new product launches.
  • Also, your Magento e-commerce store will display the latest product availability and pricing data to ensure that consumers do not order goods that are currently out of stock and save them from paying unnecessarily.

4. Agile CRM

Magento Integration with Agile CRM allows you to automatically follow up with online shoppers and run customized campaigns to monitor customer engagement. The dynamic e-commerce features of Agile CRM are focused on retaining customers. Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Sophisticated tagging and monitoring help you to run campaigns based on customer’s interest and interaction with your brand.
  • Get actionable insights on buying trends and understand your customer’s actions to improve retention and engagement.
  • Agile CRM’s marketing automation is a complete toolkit for everything you need to engage with customers, from email to mobile features.
  • Tackle cart abandonment with personalized pop-ups, offer discounts at an ideal time, get more sign-ups for newsletters and much more.

5. HubSpot

Integrating Magento and HubSpot helps to attract new customers online and increase repeat sales from existing customers. Customer data and attributes like order information, recent activity, type of browser, abandoned carts, customer lifetime statistics and average order value are passed to HubSpot through a connector. Here are a few exciting features you can expect:

  • Personalize your follow-up emails with pictures, URLs and valuable items in any abandoned cart to automate the follow-up process and increase conversions by cart abandoners.
  • Configure your Magento shopping cart for your top sellers with upselling product information.
  • The suite of analytics and reporting tools of HubSpot allows you to identify traffic sources and marketing actions to increase revenues in a specific time.
  • With HubSpot, you can quickly generate reports and share it with others and also set periodic reports to keep everyone on the same page.

The way it should be

Your e-commerce website cannot stand alone. Therefore, your e-commerce website, including your customer data and shopping cart functionality needs to be integrated with a CRM system for increased benefits. Leverage our Magento integration services if you are searching for experts to help you select the right CRM solution based on your e-commerce needs. We have all the skills to help you with a smooth Magento CRM integration to maximize your business benefits.

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