Why it is Better to Migrate to Magento from Woocommerce? Why it is Better to Migrate to Magento from Woocommerce?

Why you must migrate from WooCommerce to Magento ecommerce platform

Why you must migrate from WooCommerce to Magento ecommerce platform
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Magento and WooCommerce are the two most widely used open-source platforms for developing e-commerce sites. Magento is a content management system that enables businesses to expand their market performance in the world of e-business. It is a great platform that provides you vast scalability, flexibility and customization for your e-commerce portal. Moreover, big brands like Foxconnect, Samsung, Canon, Nike, Ford, Olympus, Lenovo and million others implemented ecommerce Magento migration for better customization, security, scalability, multi store management, mobile-friendliness and more.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, is a plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce helps you to create online shops, accept payments, manage products, maintain inventory, etc. Though WooCommerce is compatible with various WordPress plugins, Magento is attuned and designed for all sorts of e-commerce enterprises, whether medium or large.

Magento 2 provides great enterprise solutions. The leading global brands like Ford, Landrover, Nestle Nespresso, Jaguar, Olympus, etc. trust Magento. Magento offers advanced flexibility, scalability, extensibility and performance. No wonder why Magento is being used by the top 1M sites and businesses prefer to WooCommerce to Magento migration.

When you migrate WooCommerce to Magento, you get:

1. Better e-commerce opportunities
2. Additional powerful functionalities
3. Enterprise-level options, etc.

Though WooCommerce is a good platform, to begin with, it is not capable of handling the needs of a budding business. Neither it can scale up, nor can it provide you with the flexibility that you will require when your business starts growing. This may limit the growth of your business.

It may sound overwhelming, but the efforts that you will put into making a switch from WooCommerce to Magento will help you to flourish your business extensively.

Why is WooCommerce to Magento 2 migration indispensable?

You own a business and you’re working hard to make it a great success every day. Your business must be growing and you would be offering numerous products and managing orders, but with WooCommerce, your business will have limited opportunities for scaling up.

However, with Magento, you will have all the facilities to scale up and expand your business easily as it is specially built for e-commerce. So, to increase your revenue and provide your customers with a better online shopping experience, it is always better to switch to Magento.

Let us look at a few reasons why it is better to switch to Magento commerce:

Multiple features

WooCommerce is just a WordPress plugin. You can use WooCommerce to add e-commerce functionality to your WordPress website. Magento on the other hand has great customization features. You can build a complex and multifunctional store using Magento that can cater to all your requirements.

Moreover, you can use Magento extensions to add any extra feature, or integrate third-party service with your store.

Enhanced performance and speed

The loading time on your website matters a lot for your website’s performance. This is because if your website takes too long to load, then you lose visitors and hence end up losing business. Also, the number of extensions and plugins that you use on your website contribute to its performance. Using Magento for developing your website minimizes the loading time and makes it function seamlessly.

Conversely, when you use WooCommerce to develop your e-commerce website, you require a content delivery network, a hosting plan and more to speed up the performance of your e-commerce portal.

Great security

Security is the most crucial aspect when it comes to building and operating an e-commerce portal. A portal contains vital information about your business, customers, financial transactions and more. Where WooCommerce encloses many plugins that work as a means for an advanced security system, Magento is equipped with inbuilt security and takes care of all the security needs by itself.

Ease of use

One of the most important concerns while finalizing an e-commerce platform to build your e-commerce website is the ease of use. WooCommerce is a friendly WordPress plugin. It is an easy-to-use platform. It also contains numerous videos and tutorials to help beginners.

In contrast, Magento is a great content management system. It provides you with a guide and documentation that helps you to learn about it. This makes sure that before getting started; you get the basic knowledge of the platform. But you should take help from a Magento development company so that you’re not left astray in the development process of your website.


Cost is another major factor that drives business and business-decisions. When you choose Magento, you can start your online business without making heavy investments. But if you go ahead with the WooCommerce platform, there are high chances that you may have to spend a good load of money that too with less efficiency.

As mentioned before, Magento gives you great flexibility with which you can develop functionalities on your own. Moreover, it comes with numerous features that you can explore and use easily. Magento decreases your development costs on the whole.


Magento has a huge support system. This makes it the leader among other e-commerce platforms. Magento even has a huge community that provides round-the-clock support.

Moreover, you can also get Magento Support Service if you need it. This support service will act as a back-end system and ensure that your store works without a flaw.

Though WooCommerce is also a good platform, it lacks many features that are essential for your e-commerce portal. Magento is on a higher level in e-commerce. It has a huge community that can bestow greater advantages for your online store.

Advantages with Magento development

  • Magento has the potential to cater to all types of needs for e-commerce businesses.
  • You can easily integrate it with extensions for any customization requirement.
  • Magento supports scaling up your business even if you have multiple online stores.
  • Magento is cost-effective as it offers various free extensions, back-end tools, themes and plugins.
  • There is no limit for products or number of stores that you can create with Magento.
  • You can build multi-vendor e-commerce stores with Magento.


Once your business starts outperforming, you need to expand it. But with WooCommerce, you will have restricted growth. Therefore, it is advisory to migrate WooCommerce to Magento. Magento will give you access to advanced features and help you increase your revenues.

So, what are you thinking? This is the time to give wings to your business to grow and expand with the Magento e-commerce platform. To know more about how Magento will help you scale up and grow your business, talk to our experts.

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