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Taking field service management to the next level with AI

Taking field service management to the next level with AI
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Consumers always expect the best service when something breaks. To live up to customers’ expectations, field service managers have to make sure that technicians reach at the customer’s address on time with the right pieces of equipment, every time.

Today, technologies such as IoT and AI are already helping field service management companies to do their job efficiently. On the other hand, those who are ignoring implementing AI are failing to take advantage of improved performance and potential savings.

The concept behind the Internet of Things and data analytics is that when services requests are autonomously generated for the company, a field technician goes to the customer’s preferred location to make an inspection, carry out repairs, deliver or pick up products. IoT systems give the field technician access to the machine’s data, which he receives on his mobile device. The technician will have access to required information and real-time reports, which give actionable insights, such as how much load the machine takes each day or billable costs per visit for the customer. Such insights help the technician to complete the job on his first visit.

Furthermore, AI-enabled systems aim to solve the problem even before it occurs. Based on the repair history, priority, availability, tools and skills, AI can automatically suggest jobs that are autonomously sent to field technicians. This not only increases the job completion rate but also helps companies to meet customer expectations. Chatbots also allow companies to improve the customer experience and help their customers with higher accuracy.

These sensors collect data like the performance history of the machines and store them on a cloud platform. Data scientists then analyze the data. This analysis helps them provide real-time insights with the appropriate predictions. Such a process of predictive maintenance allows companies to optimize their field services.

IoT-based field service management solutions also allow enterprises to collect data and run predictive models so that companies can predict machine failures, schedule maintenance effectively, minimize asset costs and offer a better experience to the customers. Industries like industrial manufacturing, residential and commercial services, high-tech manufacturing, energy and utilities, communication, oil and gas, etc. can use IoT as a field service management solution that is based on sensors, cloud computing, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

What you can do with IoT to improve field service

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Automated service scheduling
  • Workforce optimization
  • Customer equipment performance tracking
  • Sensor based monitoring
  • Derive real-time insights
  • Take data-driven decisions
  • Improve customer experience

80% of technical experts across the industry believe that AI enhances workforce skills and increases work efficiency.

We have been observing that IoT and advances in AI technologies are changing the way field service management companies operate by streamlining maintenance processes and bringing down planning uncertainty. Our Smart Field Service Management Solution is equipped with features such as work order traceability, predictive maintenance, real-time information sharing and more that create a significant impact on the profitability of the business. If you are looking to deploy AI and IoT in your business, feel free to get in touch with our experts.

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