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Scheduling conflicts, data accessibility, job task miscommunication and low first-time fix rates are some challenges for field service technicians. Softweb Solutions’ field service mobile applications give you an edge by allowing to invest more time in business growth and less time in field service management.

With its multiple features, mobile field service solutions offer a range of benefits, from quicker reaction times and improved customer experience to time and resource savings.

Key features of the mobile field service app

Real-time insights

With our field service management solution, connected devices report issues as soon as they arise. Following it, field service managers can dispatch technicians based on the most convenient routing. That helps in meeting productivity and time targets with ease. The dashboard provides detailed information about the field staff, call details, available resources and site location with real-time updates.

  • Eliminate delays due to paperwork or miscommunication
  • Close gaps in customer interaction with the latest updates
  • Take corrective actions wherever required
Real-time insights


With the automation process, the field service management solution makes dispatching of field technicians simple. It eases complexities that arise from task assigning based on the technician’s location and skillsets. Route planning, live tracking, fleet analytics and territory mapping are our mobile field service app’s dispatch planning capabilities.

  • Monitor SLAs with less time spent on dispatching and scheduling by managers
  • Deliver stellar customer service while keeping the day’s workload flow smooth
  • Geocoder converts the most confusing addresses into precise coordinates


Making field technicians come to the office for schedule pick up is a wasted trip. Manage unexpected events and propose changes to the schedule to accommodate real-time situations. You can prioritize assigned work based on customer level, urgency, or priority. Mobile field service apps can automate the scheduling and dispatching processes based on parameters of your choice.

  • Manage work schedules, shifts, and time-off requests easily
  • Schedule field techs with peak times prioritization
  • Access full job details from the schedule
Balanced territory planning

Balanced territory planning

Assigning every service request to the right person, at the right time is crucial for mobile field service management. With the map integrated into the mobile field service application, it ensures that the technicians get the best possible route to their service location. Enhanced customer coverage and reduced operational costs are instant realizations of balanced territory planning and management.

  • Consider field workers’ skills, location, availability, equipment and customer segmentation
  • A data-driven territory plan ensures a greater customer experience
  • Manage field staff more effectively with reduced travel times

Time entry

This is a crucial feature that lets field service technicians record the time taken to carry out the desired service. It also lets the management measure the time taken by the technician for services catered to the client. Parts used, call charges and items serviced can also be noted for successful and quick billing.

  • Automatic time capture for work orders based on booking timestamps
  • Log of detailed service-related billing information
  • Accurate record of technician’s service time
Time entry
Work order management

Work order management

Using mobile applications for field services, track field service work orders and combine them with vital business information for field service technicians to carry out their jobs effortlessly. That helps in growing businesses, delighting customers and reaching service goals. The mobile solution for field service lists related information like parts needed, items to service, priority and status of the service request.

  • Determine the priority of the service request and the status of the ongoing job
  • Instant notifications of generated work orders
  • Boost technician productivity and utilization
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Why choose us

Softweb Solutions’ mobile field service solutions allow field managers to plan, prioritize, assign and track all service activity through a single dashboard. This all-in-one mobile field service app is a solution for service, inspections, repair and preventive maintenance. Using field service mobile applications, you can:

  • Track service level agreements
  • Get instant access to service history and asset configurations
  • Optimize service operations, lower costs and improve productivity