AWS IoT Core Migration - Features and Benefits AWS IoT Core Migration - Features and Benefits

How migrating to AWS IoT will enable you to stay ahead of the competition

How migrating to AWS IoT will enable you to stay ahead of the competition
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Today, modern organizations are leveraging Internet of Thing (IoT) platforms to manage their dispersed IoT devices and connections instead of developing software to scale their IoT initiatives. It is because an IoT platform supports data-driven industries by facilitating –

• Seamless communication
• Smooth data flow
• Cloud-based device management
• Smart application functionality

Whether your business is trying to redefine new ways to interact with customers or is shifting from one business model to another, the IoT platform is the key component of that transformation. From the hundreds of IoT services and solutions on the market today, AWS IoT Core takes the top spot.

In this blog post, we will discuss what the AWS IoT services and solutions include and reasons to migrate on AWS IoT Core. We will also give you insights on how to accelerate migration to AWS IoT from an existing IoT platform.

What is AWS IoT

AWS offers IoT services and solutions to connect and manage billions of devices. Collect, store, and analyze IoT data for industrial, consumer, commercial, and automotive workloads. It brings artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and IoT together to make devices more intelligent. It enables companies like yours to create models in the cloud and deploy them to devices with up to 25x better performance and less than 1/10th runtime footprint.

Its secure and elastic cloud infrastructure helps to scale up billions of devices and trillions of messages. With AWS IoT, you can easily integrate your application with other AWS services, i.e., Amazon SageMaker.

All in all, there is no denying that AWS offers powerful IoT infrastructure. So, you should choose AWS IoT core that provides your business with more flexibility, cost-effectiveness and a variety of cloud-based services and applications.

Why you should migrate to AWS IoT Core

If you are on a legacy IoT platform or Google Cloud IoT Core, consider migrating to AWS IoT. It offers a fully cloud-based ecosystem for better scalability. AWS IoT Core provides features that allow you to manage your smart devices efficiently. Moreover, it prevents security breaches with end-to-end protected environment. The analytics capabilities that AWS IoT Core brings to the table enables you with better maintenance schedules, reduced downtime and improved predictions.

It is well known as one of the best IoT cloud solutions with extended cloud services for data analytics. Some esteemed customers who have adopted AWS IoT are Weissbeerger, Traeger Grills, LG, Centrica Hive, Belkin, and more. These brands applaud AWS IoT services and solutions for its unlocking new capabilities of analytics, device management and usability.

Some of the notable features of AWS IoT

  • Device gateway
  • Rules engine
  • Message broker
  • Amazon sidewalk integration
  • Device advisor
  • Authentication and authorization

What are the advantages of migrating to AWS IoT Core

The key benefits of AWS IoT platform migration are enhanced security, accessibility, interoperability and scalability. Apart from this, some of the other advantages of migrating to AWS IoT Core are –

Expedites IoT app development

AWS IoT Core paves a path to build robust IoT applications enabling you to manage your connected devices centrally. It decreases development complexities and accelerates the process to reduce time-to-market while bringing significant cost and time savings. Also, you can easily integrate the application with other AWS services like AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and more.

Provides serverless architecture

Building a serverless application can help your enterprise to manage a remote server or set up a server of your own by reducing costs. At the same time, it gives total control over your application and rapid accessibility across a broad spectrum of devices. A serverless application architecture allows you to focus on your core operations without getting stalled due to server maintenance.

Supports AWS services

One of the biggest benefits of the AWS IoT core platform is the integration support it gives for other AWS services when developing AWS IoT Core. You can easily use a variety of Amazon cloud services such as AWS CloudTrail, AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3), Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon QuickSight and Amazon Kinesis. You can also integrate with Alexa Voice Service to set up seamless communications between the connected IoT devices.

Offers better security

For every organization that implements IoT in their business processes, data security remains a major concern. Your business data needs high-security standards to prevent any type of cyber-attacks. Nevertheless, AWS IoT Core offers top-tier security to data transfers between applications and connected devices.

Simplifies device management

AWS IoT Core enables you to securely connect an ever-increasing number of devices to the cloud and other devices. Moreover, it allows you to create an intuitive application interface to centrally manage connected devices and their data with greater accuracy and privacy.

cloud migration strategies whitepaper

Explore the best strategies to migrate to the AWS cloud

The cloud serves as a tool, not a destination. For insights on leveraging AWS services and cloud migration strategies, explore the whitepaper on migrating to AWS cloud.

How to get started with AWS IoT Core migration

Before the AWS IoT migration starts, you should consider a few factors such as cost, speed of innovation, security, technological disruption, value proposition, in-house capabilities, governance and use cases.

Consult Softweb Solutions – a global IoT system integrator following best practices for IoT Platform Migration Process. Get a migration readiness assessment done by AWS experts before deciding to migrate from your existing IoT platform to AWS IoT Core. Our AWS team can provide end-to-end IoT platform migration service by adhering to DevOps fundamentals.

Our adept team of developers has built a robust IoT Platform, IoTConnect, that will be powered by AWS. IoTConnect enables secure device connection with the cloud and vice versa. You can define data-processing rule chains as well as get detailed device diagnostics and real-time alerts. Get in touch with our experts to know more about how to scale your smart solutions with IoTConnect.

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