Top features you should know before migrating to SharePoint 2019 Top features you should know before migrating to SharePoint 2019

SharePoint 2019 – 5 features every enterprise must use

SharePoint 2019 – 5 features every enterprise must use
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A lot of enterprises are looking forward to adopting SharePoint 2019 to enable their workplace with smart content management, sharing and communication tools and intranets.

SharePoint Server 2019 will be a modern and flexible collaboration platform that will offer greater accessibility, team tasks, performance, reporting granularity, notifications, APIs and more for any business process to transform. Migrating to SharePoint 2019 platform will enable organizations and its employees to stay more connected in order to create and share information, documents and ideas just as they would do when in the same room.

SharePoint 2019 Pre-Migration Check

There are several reasons why you should migrate to SharePoint 2019. It has hybrid cloud search, all the sites are in one place, it allows rapid site development, there are many PowerShell scripts and so on.

Major features announced by Microsoft for SharePoint 2019

User experience improvements

Microsoft is known for continuously evolving its product lines to improve the user experience. With SharePoint 2019, MS is going to introduce a new set of cutting-edge features such as communications sites, team news, modern team sites, Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC) support, hybrid support, Power Apps, and Flow for reliable access to documents from anywhere, at any point of time. Besides, some of the improvements are from O365 and SharePoint Online like document libraries, navigation, and lists.

Platform enhancement

Even today, there are a lot of enterprises that adopt on-premises versions of SharePoint instead of moving to the cloud and miss out on the benefits that Office 365 and SharePoint Online offer. Now, with SharePoint Server 2019, these enterprises will get a new native support for hybrid scenarios that can be configured during users’ deployment. Hence, organizations and users using SharePoint Server 2019 are definitely going to reap the benefits of both the worlds.

On-premises infrastructure

SharePoint on-premises will never be extinct as many organizations are still reluctant to migrate entirely to the cloud. This is because they don’t want to share their sensitive or legal data with third party cloud providers. However, they want to leverage some of the features of O365 and SP Online which makes the content search, scalability, and security easier. Now with SharePoint Server 2019, these organizations will be able to continue with on-premises content storage, and take advantage of Microsoft’s cutting-edge features in Office 365 and SharePoint Online at the same time.

Hybrid environments

SharePoint 2019 will support a hybrid environment which will delivers applications with a consistent and consolidated interface irrespective of any architecture – on-premises, online, hybrid. Furthermore, with the new hybrid ability, organizations can monitor the status of hybrid configuration in one view. And, the holistic search feature offers users a modern search option of the hybrid environment.
Here are a few scenarios where Hybrid is a viable solution for modern business

  • Business applications can be hosted on-premises and can be accessed from app launcher whenever needed.
  • The security of content can be ensured by authenticating users accessing from different locations through a multi-factor authentication system.
  • For organizations, having their sensitive data on-premises means that they do not have to move data to the cloud for storage; instead, data can be searched using unified search and hybrid taxonomy.
  • Companies can have effective collaboration by using business to business sites through extranets.

Power Apps and MS Flow capabilities

SharePoint is a platform with a plethora of extensible options that supports diverse business process management. And with the launch of SharePoint 2019, enterprises can integrate Power Apps & Microsoft Flow and take advantage of business process management (BPM) capabilities that will make the business processes automated. Besides, Flow can help you to build as well as automate the workflow of certain actions and send notifications.

The final say

SharePoint Server 2019 is expected to be a major improvement over the previous versions. If you are planning to upgrade to it, talk to our SharePoint team who can guide you through the migration process.

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