Cortana Intelligence Features Cognitive Services and Bot Framework Cortana Intelligence Features Cognitive Services and Bot Framework

New and improved Cortana Intelligence Suite now features Cognitive Services and Bot Framework

New and improved Cortana Intelligence Suite now features Cognitive Services and Bot Framework
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Microsoft has introduced the Cortana Intelligence Suite, a rebranded version of the Cortana Analytics Suite, at its Build 2016 developer conference in San Francisco. The new and improved suite has been bestowed with some great features that can play an important role in improving your business. The tech giant has put in a lot of research into various fields such as machine learning, perception, big data and analytics among others, while developing these technologies.

This suite has the capability to transform your content into intelligent action. Besides getting complete value from your data, you can even build industry-specific solutions that are easy to customize. We are absolutely bowled over by the new updates and we are pretty sure, you would be too.

There are two major technologies that Microsoft has added to the updated version of the suite:

1. Microsoft Cognitive Services

These cognitive services consist of a number of intelligent APIs, which are capable of understanding the methods of human communication. They make your system capable of hearing, seeing, understanding, speaking as well as interpreting human needs. You can derive some helpful outcomes by adding face or emotion detection or recommendations in your apps. ‘Seeing AI’ is one such project which is currently being developed to help visually-impaired people get a better understanding of their immediate surroundings.

2. Microsoft Bot Framework

This framework can be used by developers, regardless of their preferred choice of programming language, for developing bots. These intelligent bots can be perfect replacements for web or app interfaces as they can chat with your customers in a natural language. You can easily have them integrated into various platforms including Skype, Slack, web, Office 365, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat and SMS to name a few.

Cortana Analytics

Then there is the Skype Bot Platform

Another framework which saw the light of the day at the Microsoft Build 2016 developer conference is the Skype Bot Portal. Complete with SDK, API as well as workflows, this platform can be used to make interactive bots which take complete advantage of Skype’s communication features such as video, voice, text and 3-D interactive characters. Simply install the latest versions of the Skype mobile applications for Android, iOS or Windows to build these Bots. They can help you reach out to innumerable people who use Skype.

Cortana Analytics

Business transformation with big data and machine learning

Webinar agenda

  • Overview: Big data and machine learning
  • Real world uses and benefits of ML
  • Business uses of ML
  • ML solutions for varied industries
  • ML & data visualization: Seeing is believing
  • Pathway to success – Onboarding (PoV)
  • Demo
  • Q&A

On Demand

With Cortana Intelligence Suite, you can –

  • Leverage the machine learning algorithms to make predictive analysis
  • Make automated decisions based on the recommendations from prescriptive analytics
  • Use Cortana to interact in a natural language with your data
  • Build solutions which can speak, hear, see and interpret the real world
  • Start building on top of existing solutions right away
  • Tweak APIs, machine learning models or templates available in the Solutions Gallery
  • Make the most of on-premises as well as cloud databases
  • Arrange and monitor data collected from applications, devices, websites and more
  • Develop with commonly-used technologies such as Python, R and Hadoop
  • Use data visualization to facilitate easy data organization and sharing

Safety and Scalability

Microsoft’s suite also ensures absolute safety of your confidential data. Its cloud platform is complete with preventive features like threat management, regular penetration testing, mitigation practices and, of course, encryption. The company has also taken into account the fact that your business will grow in the coming years and so will the data you accumulate. You can store petabytes of data in the cloud and at the same time, have the ability to handle multiple data repositories.

Cortana Intelligence Suite can be used in various industries

This suite can help businesses belonging to various industries such as hospitality, finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and public sector to tap into new horizons. It is possible to streamline the process, avoid downtime, predict demands as well as keep a check on the emerging trends using the solutions developed with it. Moreover, this suite makes it simple to structure your data, analyze it and derive actionable insights for the improvement of your businesses.
These enhanced features and advantages of the rebranded Cortana Intelligence Suite make it an industry-leading solution adept at improving the way you interact with your data. It not only makes it easy for you to conduct predictive analysis using the available information, but also helps you build bots to facilitate improved interaction with customers. Aren’t you amazed to find out about the services as well? Because we totally are.

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