Efficient energy management with Power BI dashboards

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The energy sector generates granular data from various operations like supply, distribution and consumption. Among these, the renewable energy sector requires constant monitoring to offer energy efficient solutions. This, in turn, demands in-depth visibility of the massive amount of data that each business process generates.

With Power BI dashboards from Softweb Solutions, companies can achieve efficient master data management (MDM) for better decision-making.

  • Analyze historical data on energy consumption
  • Track and monitor energy usage
  • Forecast risks and prevents failures
  • Analyze energy generation and power outages

Leverage the benefits offered by Power BI for the energy industry

Make an environmental impact with data transparency and accessibility

Gain real-time insights to mitigate risks

Gain real-time insights to mitigate risks

Make beneficial business decisions with Power BI’s consolidated data to get actionable insights through the entire value chain.

  • Proactively identify and process inefficiencies and faulty equipment
  • Visualize possibilities of errors to prevent downtime
  • Get notified in case of any machine failure
  • Bridge the performance gaps that affect production adversely
  • Predict risks associated with power outages
  • Get ad-hoc reports in real-time

Become a sustainable brand

Reduce the environmental impact of energy generation while supporting the digital transformation through advanced analytics offered by Power BI.

  • Get insights into the carbon impact of the cloud workloads
  • Check estimated carbon savings from running the workloads from the cloud and datacenters
  • Make more sustainable computing decisions
  • Deliver new renewable energy sources
  • Establish a foundation to drive further decarbonization efforts
Become a sustainable brand

Few of the custom Power BI solutions implemented

Oil and gas dashboard

Get a 360-degree view on all your oil and gas operations with Power BI energy dashboard. Gain insights on important KPIs to improve performance of rigs and mitigate risks.

Energy dashboards

With this interacting Power BI dashboard, companies can achieve real-time insights on energy production and consumption. Organizations can efficiently manage their operations and offer sustainable solutions.

Fuel Consumption

With an interactive Power BI dashboard, analyze the fuel consumption trends of employees and view real-time data anytime, anywhere. It helps to keep fuel costs under control.

Explore bigger data, get better insights

Funnel growth opportunities from data, analytics and insights with Power BI energy dashboards


Power BI enhances operational efficiency for an energy company.

The company was facing challenges in managing the massive amount of data they generated and collected from multiple data points. They wanted to merge and analyze it to obtain useful insights. They also wanted to identify and prevent possible threats in their power plants.

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Why choose us

At Softweb Solutions, we offer efficient ways to supervise, analyze and visualize granular data to gain insights for your energy production and consumption. Using our Power BI energy dashboard services, companies can gain:

  • 60% more efficient solutions
  • 30% energy savings
  • 50% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 30% less production costs

The future beckons!

Make safe passage to a new land of opportunity with us!