Activity tracking android app for a corporate wellness company Activity tracking android app for a corporate wellness company

Customer Background

Walkingspree helps companies control healthcare costs by making their employees indulge in physical activity programs. Their digital health platform has converted the simple concept of walking into a proven wellness program. The payoffs are healthier employees and a good return on investment for clients.


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    Android, Java, Eclipse


The client already had a mobile app for iOS devices, so they wanted to expand their reach by offering their services to Android users. Also, they were looking to integrate several unique features to help users extensively during their fitness journey.

The prime requirement was to create an app that does not distract users, instead serves as an inspiration since the app’s primary user base includes employees in an office environment. They wanted a seamless user experience to help their employees maintain a healthy lifestyle despite a sedentary lifestyle.


To share the benefits of their fitness app with the 2.8 billion Android OS users, our mobile app development experts suggested building an app that caters to a vast audience. After an in-depth discussion, the company collaborated with Softweb Solutions to create an Android app with unique features.

Using Java and the Eclipse IDE, we created an Android app by integrating standardized APIs for activity tracking. This activity tracking app syncs all data to the app and calculates the progress when in the vicinity of the paired device. The informative dashboard helps users analyze their progress in graphs and numbers that plot the user’s progress in a 24-hour format, providing an hour-by-hour breakdown.

To engage users, we designed the app with various badges that users can earn upon achieving a goal. Also, we have added a fun element to walking where users can share their achieved goals with buddies (other users). The calorie counter calculates the user’s calorie intake and users’ steps within the stipulated time and determines calories burned.

The solution helps them to:

  • Set daily step goals and track progress
  • Sync the activity tracker directly with the Android app
  • Track food and calories intake on the go
  • Show a comprehensive database of food items and recipes
  • Monitor calories burned versus calories consumed
  • Provide visual activity statistics breakdown
  • Show badges earned and the next badge to reach
  • View and compare buddies’ stats
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    Increase in

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    Rise in active

  • 25%

    Boost in customer

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