End-to-end collaboration solutions

Your employees need immediate access to information to increase collaboration throughout the company. Take quick decisions, drive better results and embrace success with a unified Intranet portal. Engage customers, partners, and employees with stunning websites for web and mobile platforms. With an extensive enterprise experience of more than 10 years, Softweb Solutions offers a full range of Liferay services that include consulting, development and support.

  • Identity management
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Personalization
  • Enterprise integration

Knowledge workers spend

Source: McKinsey Global Institute

11 hours
per workweek
managing emails

08 hours
per workweek looking
for information & people

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Our Liferay Services

  • Liferay Development

    Meet your organization’s objectives using our scalable, cost efficient and customized portals. With Softweb’s Liferay portal development, your company gains a centralized, virtual space where employees can collaborate and share with various levels of user rights. The easy to use interface ensures user engagement for technical and non-technical personnel across web and mobile environments.

  • Liferay Migration

    We give legacy implementations a new life with our Liferay Migration services. With a thorough understanding and assessment of your existing setup, we help you upgrade your applications that let you concentrate on the core part of your business, leaving you with the latest version of the portal that includes all the necessary tweaks, upgrades and additions for smooth and uninterrupted work processes.

  • Liferay Performance Tuning

    Liferay is a high performance and scalable portal platform. Our developers follow best practices to deliver an ideal portal and to ensure everything works at its best, they test the entire Liferay project to the limit, fine tuning any issues and discrepancies along the way, no matter how big or small they are.

  • Liferay Support

    Our dedicated and experienced Liferay developers provide end-to-end support for all Liferay implementations resulting in smooth processing of different functionalities of Liferay projects. We offer onsite as well as cloud based support with scheduled monitoring in case of any issues.

  • 5
    seconds delay
    on each page

  • 100000
    users / day

  • 10
    pages / day

  • Loss
    Business loss
    Decreased productivity
    Increased maintainance cost

Liferay is the ideal choice for

  • Portal


  • Intranet


  • Website


  • Mobile