8 Ways Why Sitecore is Helpful in Maximizing Web Conversion Rate

8 Ways Sitecore is Helpful in Maximizing Web Conversion Rate

8 Ways Sitecore is Helpful in Maximizing Web Conversion Rate
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Improving the efficiency of your website is the basic objective in order to boost lead generation and increase revenue.

For example, once a product is launched or promotion strategy is implemented, a marketer makes a landing page with a form to capture leads.

The marketer has two objectives set:

  • To drive traffic to the website’s landing page
  • To turn a percentage of that traffic by convincing visitors to engage with content and finally fill up the form

So, in order to increase visits and conversions, a marketer might need a substantial technological platform that supports the digital marketing system.

Sitecore, besides being an excellent web content management tool, is also a dynamic marketing tool that enables marketers to extract insights from web traffic and multichannel customer experiences to further properly predict what information to deliver to customers next, in real time. This technological framework gathers, assesses, manages, and analyzes customer intelligence from data gathered from customer’s behavior, buying patterns, and purchase decisions from multiple digital networks. Then after, it instantly offers useful analytics and insights that help marketers in maximizing the results of your marketing campaigns.

The automated analysis of high volumes of experience data allows your website to self-tune. Hence, it’s the powerful marketing automation that facilitates you to constantly listen to how prospects are engaging with your brand, so that you can communicate to them in real time, based on their specific interests.

Whether you already have a Sitecore website or you are planning to migrate to the Sitecore platform, it’s worth adopting as it is more than just a CMS platform, offering an incredible set of features.

Some powerful features of Sitecore which are helpful in increasing the website’s conversion rate are as follows:

Generate more quality content quicker

Content marketing is vital to capture the attention of your customers, both new as well as existing. Use a Sitecore website to activate content marketing as it is a fast and a user-friendly platform that requires no coding. Creating and managing content is simple in Sitecore. The more quality content you have, the more will be the engagement. This will develop your digital authority, aid your SEO activity and help you lead the marketplace.

Setting your business goals

Defining the business objective clearly for your website is necessary for success. Whether you want to generate leads, drive conversions or encourage engagement, a Sitecore website gives you the right set of tools. Sitecore allows you to easily keep calls to action that are essential to marketers for achieving their targets. Properly placed calls to action lead your visitors through your ‘sales funnel’. Hence, if you set your goals appropriately you will be able to effortlessly measure return on investment.

Personalize customer experience

Personalization is extremely important for creating a valuable customer experience. Using the Sitecore Experience Platform (aka Digital Marketing System), it’s easy for you to customize your site for each user. You can show content based on their location or use a call to action based on their place in the funnel and their prior interactions. Personalization offers customers the content which is pertinent and interesting at the same time. This kindles more engagement and pushes the conversion rate.

Consistent cross-channel marketing

Sitecore websites offer the marketer uncomplicated cross-channel marketing.

“A research report by comScore revealed that 67% of consumers start shopping in store or on one device, but purchase from somewhere else.”

Cross-channel marketing is essential for driving conversions. With the help of Sitecore’s cross-channel automation, your content and responses are combined to deliver a personal and an undeviating customer experience.

From the admin dashboard of a Sitecore website you can without difficulty publish content in mobile apps, social media, external microsites, and in email marketing.



Understand user’s journey

Once visitors plan to buy, they will browse multiple pages of your site, research your offers, and take a look at various products.

With traditional conversion rate optimization, your focus would be on optimizing one specific page by testing different elements such as different banners and short versus long data forms.

Now, depending on the nature of business, there are chances that it may take more than one page to convince a prospect into becoming a client.

And the ability to understand which combination of pages will lead a customer to buy your product, subscribe to your service or contribute to your charity is an important step towards improving your conversion rates.

Sitecore has a tool known as Path Analyser, which helps marketers to identify the journeys that users take which result in a positive value being created (such as someone buying a product) as well as those which produce a negative one (someone who doesn’t purchase your product).

With an understanding of which combination of pages’ leads to a positive action (sale), you can then start optimizing each individual page within that sequence.

Analyze your analytics

The Sitecore websites have built-in Sitecore Analytics, which is quite beneficial in delivering analytics in real-time. It also empowers marketers to carry out path analysis, tests and goal tracking activities – everything from within the Sitecore platform.

You can track your buyer’s journey to catch on the pages that they have visited, emails they have responded to and posts they have shared using Sitecore Analytics. Hence, it’s easy to check the progress of your marketing campaign.

Optimize your content well in advance

A big mistake that the majority of the marketers make while creating content is considering SEO as a different task. Remember, that the best content marketing includes SEO activities from the beginning itself. Using Sitecore you can with no trouble manage URLs, meta descriptions, create internal links and ALT text. With these things in place, the search engine will quickly crawl quality content and help you achieve higher rankings for the targeted keywords.

Inbuilt A/B and M/V testing

One of the most important tools a marketer can have on hands is the ability to test the performance of their website. In a website based on Sitecore technology A/B and multivariate testing is already integrated, so you can track your website’s performance seamlessly. For example, if analytics show that calls to action are poorly performing, you have the facility to test other options instantly in real time. The faster you can identify marketing problems within your site, the better you will be able to resolve them.

Wrapping up

In spite of these remarkable benefits, a lot of marketers still refuse to adopt the Sitecore platform. This is because they fear learning new systems and are scared to give up using the tools that they have become accustomed to. Also, many of the marketers are afraid that they don’t have the skill or technical knowledge to use the tool properly. Unfortunately, such predicaments make it difficult for a company to experience the full potential and advantages of Sitecore.

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