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Create an immersive environment with augmented reality in field service

Field service technicians are mostly on the move, working in all types of weather and remote locations. They need simple, fast, reliable access to the experts, guidance and the digital resources to accomplish their tasks. Field Alpha is Softweb Solutions’ field service management application that has augmented reality offering capabilities such as

  • AR overlays for access to information, remote assistance and communications
  • Field technicians get the ability to have two-way video or audio communication.
  • AR annotations can be sent on the device the field tech is using.
  • Real-time collaboration is possible between the technician and the subject matter expert sitting in a remote office.

Field Alpha Features

Field Alpha for Field Technicians

Technicians get the ability to carry out hands-free visual collaboration while working on machines. The instructions a field technician receives from the SME are superimposed on his device’s field of view. Field engineers will be able to see overlays describing equipment status (pressures, temperature, etc.) as they move around the location when they use Field Alpha.

Field Alpha for Subject Matter Experts

SMEs can annotate and add 3D graphics to the technician’s AR headset or tablet. This helps the SME deliver real-time instruction to the technician. Field Alpha help subject matter experts to carry out knowledge transfer and share best practices. This can be done whether the technicians are in the field or in the classroom.

Field Alpha Benefits

Improve First-Time Fix Rate

Better Knowledge Transfer

Enable Remote Diagnostics

Reduce Training Time

Augmented & Hands-Free Experience

Save On Onboarding Costs

Augmented reality has modernized the field service operations industry

Develop AR application to increase field technician’s productivity and customer satisfaction.

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