Field Service Automation Solution that Really Need in Your Field Work

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Field Service Automation: Are They Really Desirable in Your Field Work?

We feel great when we have some useful tools to do our work comfortably. This is not something new—it has been this way ever since the tools are introduced to human work scenario. This must be one reason why we jump the gun at the very mentioning of an app that may let us do our work effortlessly. As a result, a number of apps and solutions have been launched to the workforce at a regular interval-all promising to provide us better work efficiency! No one may have any doubt on the authenticity of these apps. If you are someone who works in the field and or manages a team working on the field, you know how cumbersome it is with less use of technology. The traditional methods have become already obsolete and people have embraced the new techniques with open arms.

Field Service Automation

Certainly, it is not a new thing that you have heard just recently. The service field is inundated with several solutions that are easily adaptable. Indeed, automation has become the way of our life! We need smart apps and tech solutions. The concerns arise only if we are not so familiar with the app or solution we need to select for our work.
Therefore, consider it as crucial and take some time to go through some app reviews. You may get loads of information regarding any app available on the market and that makes your job really easy. The fact is that, these applications will load you with several features which are not necessarily you require. Thus, check out for the features that are useful for you while you choose for a field service automation solution.

Check these factors when you desire to acquire an app or solution for your field work:

Work order management: This is one functionality that no one wants to be devoid of. It deals with the price and invoice; you can right away provide work estimation to your customer which is indeed a smart step as the client will be extremely pleased with your proactivity.
Field Mobility: Field mobility stands at the top of any feature, because it ensures a real time communication with the field staff, manager, customer, and the access of entire data from a remote place. Therefore, you should look for this feature that allows ultimate mobility.
Customer Database: Customer data is ever important in any business scenario. If you are adopting an app for your field service automation, then there should be a feature that focuses on hassle free and easily accessible customer database system.
Multi-vendor Management: This is another desirable feature for field service management as this enables the user to create and manage a list of vendors. The feature allows you to keep updating the vendor management status.
Scheduling: This is a modernized feature which assists in the scheduling of the staff in the field. Using this feature, the field personnel manager can keep track on the work force allocation. The entire team is connected to each other and is updated with each and every development happening in the entire operation. The personnel involved in the field as well as those in the office location can manage filling up a vacant time slot to schedule any important work. It will have an alert functionality which will make sure that the information is reached to the scheduled personnel.
Detailed Reporting: Why would a person deployed in the field or a manager sitting in the office requires this feature? Well, there are numerous reports that go on in an organization. It can be an invoice report, staff work hour report, job report, revenue report, survey report, inventory report, or any such report. The general belief is that a person who is in the analysis job only requires access to these reports. On the contrary, this is fact that each and every person works in the organization can make use of it. If information on all these reports is available and viewable in a handheld device in a remote work field, the work force must feel much comfortable and confident especially in front of a tough customer. The staff has all the facility to find out reports on all aspects right away. You can make sure that you got all the data in graphical as well as numerical format.
Generating Estimation: In field services job, it is a very common to create an estimate before proceeding to the actual deal. In that case, usually the field staff would carry traditional tools like paper and pen. But with the help of these field service management systems or an application, you are no longer required to do that. Everything is easier on your handheld device such as smartphone, tablet, or any such device eliminating the need of any paper work. Hence make sure that your field service automation system has this one feature available.
Field Staffing Tracking: This feature is really necessary if you are a field service personnel manager. It is important for a manger to know where the staff is and there is a need for constant on-the-job status updates. This feature enables you to have a real-time information on their current status whether the staff is on en route, or already in the site, or about to wind up the work. All this is possible if you have selected an app that has this particular feature.
Service Call Management: Make sure that your service field automation system has this feature. This feature can ensure a hassle-free, accurate service call management which also provides the accurate details of your service life cycle with each client. Sometimes, the old fashioned spreadsheets can put you on your wrong foot but this kind of features can save you from making any mistakes.
As the technology grows so fast around us, it is always better for us to befriend with the best among them so that we can make sure that we are not behind anyone. The only thing we should remember is smart adoption of any device and techniques to enhance our job.
Nile Lars is a mobile developer at Softweb Solutions.

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