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Softweb SharePoint Service Overview

SharePoint Consulting Extend the functionality of SharePoint with Us

Our SharePoint solutions are offered as part of a thorough end-to-end project process and are driven by years of experience working with the SharePoint platform and focusing on how it can make a visible impact on the business world. One of the major selling points of SharePoint is the ability to create additional functionality easily without resorting to custom code. With the help of SharePoint designer, our SharePoint consultants are able to add complex functionality (such as workflows) to SharePoint solutions, making the most of its out-of-the-box features. By doing so they are able to avoid the use of expensive and time-consuming custom code, saving your time and money.

Our SharePoint consulting support includes:

  • Comprehensive ROI Analysis
  • CMS Strategy Implementation
  • Architecture & Technology
  • Data Integration
  • Governance Development
  • Infrastructure Consolidation
  • Current State Assessment
  • Program Management
  • Legacy Application Assessment
  • Document Lifecycle Management
  • Deployment and Migrations Planning
  • Training For Multiple Types of Users
  • Business Process Automation
SharePoint Consulting Functionality

SharePoint Integration

Align your SharePoint solution to business objectives with our SharePoint implementation services.

Softweb is committed to providing the most reliable and robust infrastructure management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Platform. Softweb's team of highly-skilled engineers are geared up to support customers as they architect and develop SharePoint Solutions that align with your Content, Collaboration and Portal strategy; this provide a Single, Integrated, Enterprise ready product that is easy to maintain and deploy. We can assist you in integration of other Microsoft or third party Line of Business Applications with your SharePoint environment.

Our SharePoint Integration service includes:

  • Portals, Intranet/Extranet Development
  • Web Content, Records and Digital Asset Management
  • Content Migration
  • Business Process Alignment and Workflow Design, Integration and Automation
  • Architecture, Taxonomy and Metadata Planning
  • InfoPath Forms development
  • Dashboards, Business Intelligence and Reports Design
  • Mobility
  • Performance Tuning and Optimization
SharePoint Integration

Upgrade, SharePoint 2007/2010 to SharePoint 2013

Upgrading SharePoint is a complex process; you need IT pro assets and tools to help you plan, organize, and implement the upgrade to SharePoint. With the latest tools and technologies, you go beyond the basic Microsoft upgrade tools, and get the power, speed, and flexibility you need to upgrade SharePoint with confidence. Softweb helps clients to move on to SharePoint 2013 with confidence and we provide comprehensive support for upgrading to SharePoint 2013 from SharePoint 2003, 2007 or 2010.

  • In-Place Upgrade
  • Database Attach Upgrade
  • Business Content
  • Third Party Tools
Upgrade, SharePoint to SharePoint 2013

Migration to SharePoint 2013

We help our client to consolidate all business content into SharePoint without losing context and metadata. Our SharePoint experts help you in connecting and moving terabytes of content from file shares, websites, blogs, and wikis. It also moves content, files, associated metadata, and other relevant attributes, such as permissions or information structure into SharePoint.

  • Migrate content from any data source to SharePoint in real time or through dynamic scheduling
  • Use automatic migration process that significantly reduces effort over the typical manual migration process
  • Enhance your accountability of the process by tracking information, audit reports, and migration logs throughout the entire process.
  • As per defined business rules complex data can easily be migrated and transformed
  • Extract images, documents with meta information linked to the content and cross-linking them on the target platform
Migration to SharePoint 2013

Administration and Support

SharePoint solutions vary widely in scale and scope that needs strong support to maintain them. Leave it to our experts that maintain your day-to-day SharePoint infrastructure and existing applications, which supports your business critical systems. Our SharePoint consultants use the platform in the most creative manner and make the outcome look visually alluring with a host of other useful abilities that left the users amazed. This also leverage cost reduction and value addition to our valued clients so that they can focus on new business initiatives.

  • Administering SharePoint
  • Administering Project Server
  • Administering Team Foundation Server
  • Change Management, Work Tracking and Time Management
  • Location for on-call and backup support may be at company facilities or off-site
Administration and Support

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Collaboration & Social Computing

SharePoint provides Web Parts that enable functionality for social computing, wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, e-mail integration, and task coordination. All of these components use information about your organization, communities, and electronic communications in Public My Site pages to help establish connections between colleagues with common interests.

Collaboration delivers technologies that empower your organization to:

  • Ease communicate with partners, suppliers and customers
  • Collaborate with self-serve systems, feedback loops and customer participation
  • Ease collaboration across traditional corporate boundaries

Social with a purpose drives business value.

Softweb works with real customers on business platforms. We have been providing ready-to-go social solutions, which are based on your enterprise needs and aligned with your operation and work patterns. These social sites help you in Internal Communications, Innovation, Universal Approval, Engagement Scorecard, Field Enablement, Talent Acquisition, and Business Intelligence.


SharePoint is an excellent enterprise portal platform that makes it easy to build and maintain portal sites for every aspect of the business. It provides built-in My Site personal sites, content syndication, user profiles and a profile store, audience targeting, mobile device support, portal site templates, document aggregation Web Parts, and more.

User can create Community Sites/Portals in SharePoint Server 2013. With a vast number of innovative features, capabilities, and enhancements in Web Content Management will enable the SharePoint developer to build more and more Internet-facing Web sites based on SharePoint technology.

  • Web Site Architecture
  • Multilingual Sites
  • Web Page Architecture
  • Look and Feel
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Extensibility

Enterprise Search

Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Search provides extensive and extensible content gathering, indexing, and querying ability. This service supports full-text searching by using Structured Query Language (SQL-based) query syntax, and provides new keyword syntax to support keyword searches. Enterprise search in SharePoint 2013 enables users to find appropriate information more quickly and easily than ever before. Even developer can make the search experience easy by customization.

  • Ease search
  • Getting right information
  • Enable Content Gathering
  • Querying ability enhanced
  • Easy customized as per your needs

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management features provide ways to manage the content and metadata of business documents stored in document libraries. Enterprise content management is a key infrastructure component that can help companies manage and organize high volumes of unstructured content such as forms, documents, records, e-mail messages, videos, instant messages (IMs), and Web pages. Main enhanced features of Enterprise Content Management:

  • FAST Search
  • Drag and drop file upload
  • Mass edit document metadata
  • Easily share documents in your newsfeed
  • Employ retention policies for emails
  • Create attractive, usable navigation with managed metadata terms

Business Process and Forms

SharePoint provides built-in electronic forms and workflow templates. InfoPath Forms Services enables to publish InfoPath form templates. In addition, SharePoint provides built-in workflows for document approval, feedback collection, signature collection, and disposition approval, and three-state workflows and a translation management workflow.

  • Create, maintain, and analyses custom workflows
  • Easier for you to gather and authorize the information
  • Create browser-based forms and assemble data from organizations

Business Intelligence

SharePoint provides infrastructure to create dashboards that allows decision-makers to access information. Excel Services server technology is a shared service that enables you to load, calculate, and display Excel workbooks on SharePoint. Additionally, the Business Data Catalog functionality in SharePoint enables you to present line-of-business (LOB) data within Office SharePoint Server.

  • By using the Business Data Catalog, one can bring key data from different business applications to SharePoint lists, Web Parts, search, user profiles, and custom applications.
  • The Business Data Catalog allows pulling data from Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Office Access, or other databases by using a connection string.
  • It also allows pulling business data from back-end server applications, such as SAP, Siebel, or other LOB systems by using Web services.


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