Digitizing the pet industry to make communities more animal-friendly

Author : Binny Vyas   Posted :

Wallis Annenberg PetSpace, located in California, USA is a unique community space that features an interactive place for pet adoptions and learnings. They offer numerous services that include pet adoption, veterinary care, dog training sessions, enrichment events and programs, among others. They were using spreadsheets to manage the content and the tasks related to all the services that they provide.

The company faced challenges in retrieving information on time, maintaining the privacy of data and also generating error-free reports. We delivered a cloud solution that enables Wallis Annenberg PetSpace to digitize their operations, collaborations, as well as secure data. The solution also provides visual analytics capabilities for valuable insights with the integration of Power BI.

Key Features:

  • Power BI reports
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Digitized operations
  • Edutainment games
  • Robust security

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