SAP Mobility Solutions Stay On Top of Your Game

Thinking of expanding your business horizons? Adopt SAP mobility solutions, it offers you progressive solutions! Be a forerunner in implementing SAP mobility solutions and you will soon find yourself on top of the game!

  • Visibly improving profit margin
  • Quick real-time decision making
  • Pre-integrated solutions to maximize utility of work force and infrastructure
  • Accurate solutions lessen unexpected project cost over-runs
  • Scalable solutions to ensure future growth

Complete SAP mobility solutions for your business expansion


Softweb focuses on providing a complete implementation solution to various businesses to make the most of their SAP system. We follow a process which concentrates on achieving the business goals at ease! Our extensive experience in SAP implementation process guides you to achieve all your business goals.

  • Provides a tool-based implementation method which considerably cuts down time and cost.
  • Follows standard procedures for implementation, operation, and optimization of SAP solutions.
  • Carefully designed concepts, solution accelerators, and templates to uplift the user experience.
  • Focused approach for individual implementation phases within a project.
  • Diligent implementation methodology to streamline projects.

Mobile adoption is happening fast.

Consumers are setting the pace.

1 billionsmart devices shipped in 2011. This will almost double by 2016.

31 billion apps downloaded in 2011. This will grow to 66 billion by 2016.

Smart businesses are catching up.

77% of businesses empower their employees with mobile devices

66% of businesses have already deployed mobile apps

the worldwide mobile worker population will represent37.2% of the total workforce by 2015

Small and midsize businesses are blazing the path toward enterprise mobility.

80% equip employees with smart mobile devices

33% use mobile CRM

24% use mobile field service management

24% use mobile time management and capture

Softweb Solution is a SAP Partner in Enterprise Mobility solutions offering SAP Mobile platform in different industry verticals for developing Mobile Apps and helping enterprises chose the platform to manage Apps and Devices.

Mobile solutions from SAP give you choice and flexibility.

Ease and scalability

Use rapid-deployment solutions to get up and running quickly

Backend agnostic

Connect to any application & database either SAP or a third party

Deployment options

Choose from hosted or on-premise options

Sales Mobility is Forward-Thinking for Your Enterprise

  • Craft an effective mobility game-plan
  • Choose dependable and notable partners to begin the architecture
  • First consider the target users and company goals
  • Foresight and innovation are crucial through the process
  • Only take on clients willing to deliver proven methods
  • Strategize the most economical and efficient approach to mobile platforms and their inevitable evolutionary needs
  • The mobility platforms should support B2E, B2B, administration flexibility and protection in the app development
  • Consider all forms of mobile implementation that best suit the expected budget

Case Study

  • Set Index Sequence
    With the Drag-and-Drop feature, account manager can set/change sequence of the Material index.
  • Local DB Backup
    Using Backup feature, the account manager can now take backup of the local DB and can submit the comment for that backup.
  • Account Manger Login
    Account manager Login feature helps the manger to login to the system using their iPad or web credentials easily.
  • User Alerts to Sync Data
    Upon startup of application, it alerts the user to sync data when they have access to Wi-Fi or 3G for latest data which enables the user to have hassle-free access.
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