Web Analytics

Track website and mobile app visitors and gain insights to maximize your online reach

Web Analytics

What is the need for web analytics?

At the backend of all the websites and apps lies an enormous amount of data that has the potential to transform your business. But what sense does all the gathered data make if you don’t know what to do with it?

Once all the unstructured data is organized and analyzed, it can be converted to meaningful insights, which were not available before. Using historical data of site or app visitors, data scientists can help you make sense of the large amount of web and mobile app data that you have gathered over the years. You can club this with sentiment analysis to derive even deeper insights from your site visitors.

How we helped a video game company to optimize their web presence

AI-powered automated analytical models help find hidden insights to the new data, which might not be found, if the analysis was done with a traditional approach. Machine learning capabilities when applied on websites and mobile apps gives better understanding into customer behavior. It enables businesses to aptly engage their customers.

SIA, Softweb’s Intelligence and Analytics platform enables businesses to conduct thorough website and app audit to gain actionable insights such as: which pages / functionalities are resulting in a loss of traffic or which ones are converting to leads. The conversion rate was increased using various web analytics tools, heat maps, survey tools, and A/B multivariate testing.

AI helps online businesses to raise brand awareness and reach potential customers

  • Businesses can target the relevant customer segment by optimizing their website according to gained insights.
  • Planning and implementation of various strategies for optimization of site after measuring the effectiveness of current marketing campaign.
  • Higher availability of disparate data from multiple sources at a single, common location.
  • Advanced strategies for lead scoring, customer engagement analysis, churn analysis, form analysis, and uninstallation analysis.


Softweb Intelligence and Analytics platform, or SIA, is opening new doors of opportunities for businesses to make more data-driven decisions at higher accuracy rates, completely changing the way that businesses operate.

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