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Transforming factories with the Internet of Things

Hi, today we will cover how the Internet of Things is changing the manufacturing industry and how you can set up an IOT-enabled factory.
Manufacturing companies across the US are investing in smart sensors, Big Data storage and processing technologies, moving their data centers to the cloud, implementing data science and creating mobile apps.
All of these technologies together combine to form an IoT-enabled factory.
Some of the benefits from such a setup are – 

  • The ability to monitor your assets remotely
  • Carrying out predictive maintenance
  • Tracking your workforce in real-time
  • Optimizing your energy usage
  • Smarter field service for your customers
  • Plant floor control automation
  • A more efficient logistics and supply chain management
  • Insights for decision makers based on data science and
  • Easy to understand reports in real-time that can be viewed on any mobile device.

In fact, predictive maintenance is one of the best advantages of installing IoT systems and gives a quick return on investment.
In this scenario, the machines are continuously monitored via sensors to understand when and what kind of repairs are needed.
The maintenance is carried out when needed, instead of a fixed schedule. This results in a lower rate of unplanned stoppages since the machines are well-maintained.
To help manufacturers understand how they can set up IoT systems in their factories, we have two options to get you started –
The first is hosting an IoT consulting workshop on your premises.
In this workshop, we talk about use cases specific to your company and carry out an assessment of your existing technical infrastructure.

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