Salesforce Opportunity Management and Lead Management

What are the key reasons for the decline in lead conversion ratio?

Allen Jones, sales manager at a logistics company, is fed up with not having a proper track of the follow-ups to their leads. Often, he finds himself tallying the number of contacts made with the lead by a particular team member. He finds this task tedious and time-consuming.

The traditional CRM system that they use allows them to manage their data, but it does not automate the lead nurturing process. This affected the entire sales pipeline and the lead conversion ratio also declined.

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How Salesforce Lead Management and Opportunity Management help with seamless sales workflow?

Allen Jones ran a marketing campaign for their company’s latest product. They received several leads through the campaign and he assigned them to his team members. Using Salesforce Lead Management, Allen Jones is now able to route and assign leads to the right people. His team can track all the information about their CRM leads. The activity timeline allows them to view and access up-to-date contact information and relevant documents.

With Opportunity Management, the sales team gets thorough insights into a customer’s activity. This feature allows them to forecast the probability of sales closure. Allen Jones can now keep his team informed in real-time about the ongoing discussion with their customers using the Salesforce mobile app. The built-in quoting feature allows them to generate automated quotes and PDFs from an approved template. It also enables the team to email the quotes to their customers directly.


  • Sales forecasting
  • Share information that needs immediate actions in real-time
  • View inter-operational information like issues and lead journey
  • Streamline the sales process

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