Why People Must Start Buildings Smart Homes Why People Must Start Buildings Smart Homes

Why people should start building smart homes

Why people should start building smart homes
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The concept of a smart home is not new. The vision of smart home technologies was already presented to us through the popular animated sitcom “The Jetsons” produced by Hanna-Barbara in 1962.

From interactive newspapers to video chatting, there are many inventions from The Jetsons that are actually a part of our world today. Do you remember George Jetson’s flying car that converted into a portable briefcase? Yes, that flying car! Slovakian startup AeroMobil worked hard on a car that can turn into an airplane and vice versa. This is the best example of the flying car invention of our era. Other Jetsons-inspired technologies that we are using in our real life are jetpacks, robotic help, holograms, 3-D printed food, drones, smart shoes, smartwatches and many more.

The new wave of Internet of Things has made a possibility to convert this animated sitcom into reality and delivered inspiration to turn ordinary things into the smart things.

A typical family home could contain more than 500 smart devices by 2022 & smart homes will offer numerous innovative digital business opportunities – Gartner

People who are looking forward to adopt the latest technologies for their home are trying to get the luxurious lifestyle and feel that includes:

  • Smart safety & security – Smart surveillance cameras for both indoors and outdoors can be acquired for the entire family’s safety and security.
  • Smart comfort & convenience – Imagine a situation when people are able open the curtains and turn off the lights with a single click without getting up from the couch.
  • Smart lighting & entertainment – People can manage their rooms’ lighting as per their mood with the help of smart LED lights or manage the audio system throughout their home and choose their favorite music collection from their phone’s media library or iPod.
  • Smart cooking & monitoring – Smart cooking devices can provide the easiest way for cooking and monitoring the empty stock in the kitchen.


As a result, many developers have started developing smart things. Apple Inc. has developed HomeKit so that people can control their home in a smart way. Apple tvOS has the potential to become the home automation hub. Apple is hoping to develop the system into a powerful tool to create the smart home of the future. For more details you can check out our blog post on HomeKit. Not only Apple, but Google also believes in this transforming technology by supporting the product called Nest that provides the home automation solution to provide security and energy saving tool for the home. Google has also announced its Brillo operating system for home automation and on a same track Amazon is hoping its Echo will be the center point of the home, where people can use their voice to perform to control the home.

Technology providers are into the development of providing smart home technologies that can increase the demand of the construction industry with their latest innovations. Let’s see the advantage of building “Smart Home”.

  • Attract customers who are searching for unique properties.
  • Increase the value of the properties!
  • Save more money and energy!
  • Provide comfort and security to the clients

The smart home will enable new opportunities for architects, builders, technology providers and home owners at the same time. New products will come with advanced features where smart products will have the potential to considerably improve the existing products. It will also generate revenue and cost saving opportunities.

These kinds of benefits are inspiring the construction industry across the globe to build “Smart Homes”. Their main objective is to meet the market need for high-performing solutions for domestic applications used in the area of safety, lighting, energy, entertainment, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Due to global warming, more and more people are getting energy-conscious and looking forward to the energy management solutions for their home.

This new sensor-based home products are controllable from a homeowner’s smart devices such as smart phone or tablets for controlling the AC or HVAC system, dimming lights, locking or unlocking doors, and operating other domestic functions from a central hub device. It is now possible with smart home solutions. Acceptance of new technologies and consumer awareness will be the most important factors driving the smart home technology in the market.

The increasing usage of smartphones and other handheld devices are also adding the convenience in home automation technologies. The ‘smart home’ vision is flexible, far less feature oriented, mostly operated wirelessly, largely app-based, and totally manageable. This type of smart home technology requires a custom integrator that can provide sophisticated, feature-rich, and highly functional technology for the owner.

Builders, property management companies, condominium associations and apartment rental companies can all take advantage of this smart home technology by talking to our IoT experts.

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