Top 10 web development trends essential for your business Top 10 web development trends essential for your business

Top 10 web development trends every business should know

Top 10 web development trends every business should know
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Every year the web development trends transform to a significant extent. Therefore, businesses need to be familiar with front-end technologies to sustain the ever-rising competition as well as keep themselves updated with the latest web framework development. Besides, it is also essential to foresee the trends and changes in a highly competitive digital environment and learn how to adapt to them. In this blog post, we bring to you ten amazing web development trends that are fast-moving and highly in-demand. These trends will help you meet the upcoming decade fully armed with a convenient front-end ecosystem that features high efficiency and fast performance.

1. Progressive web apps

According to Statista, in 2019 about 65% of online shopping orders were made using mobile devices. Meaning, progressive web apps (PWAs) are trending and have taken their place in the web world. PWAs are nothing but apps that can be easily accessed without downloading any computer programs. They are written with HTML and CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular, while providing great user experiences, they can even send push notifications. Interestingly, E-commerce businesses, news platforms and businesses with low development budgets are utilizing PWAs to reach a large audience.

2. Artificial intelligence-powered bots

AI-powered bots are another trend that is revolutionizing the web. Many are assuming that in the near future AI-powered bots will rule the web. The reason being they are in self-learning mode and are instilled with deep consumer analytics capabilities to meet user’s needs. They have the capabilities to easily replace support managers and help enterprises save operational costs. Moreover, they easily integrate with most social channels for better engagement such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Skype.

3. Accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an exciting web development trend. They are optimized pages that operate faster and offer simplified web design to help speed up the page performance and decrease the risk on user’s usage. As the internet is becoming more user-oriented, this trend is imagined to be competing with other web trends.

4. Single page application

There is no longer a need to adhere to the conventional approach where each action performed on one-page redirects to another web page that eventually consumes server memory. That is why single page applications (SPA) are developed. They provide more chances to hold the user’s attention as are fast operating, eliminating the need for long page loading and waiting. Also, SPAs are designed to provide better scalability and are convenient to deploy. Google apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, and social media giant Facebook, are some examples of SPAs.

5. Voice search optimization

Voice search is the most significant trend for today’s modern organizations. Most of us by now must have interacted with virtual home assistants such as Siri, Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. Isn’t it exciting to converse with them? They are accurate and provide amazing user experience. Businesses can expect remarkable benefits by adopting voice search assistants including increased web traffic, raised brand awareness and visibility, enhanced user engagement and many more. The future seems exciting!

6. Motion UI

How often a beautiful looking website has grabbed your attention? Aesthetically appealing websites have more chances to be noticed by potential users. Marketers have been paying more attention to creating rich UX through visual web designing and engineering.

Motion UI makes websites more intuitive, clear, well-designed and animated. It also features 3D scrolling effects that are sure to create great user experiences. This web JS framework trend involves custom animation integration and CSS transitions that are powered by stand-alone libraries that offer numerous animated elements.

7. Automation testing

Testing is a critical stage for every process, and automation testing ensures if the product is ready for the deployment or not. Automation testing also helps the development team to collect test cases and learn from them. This reduces the test cycle time. The automation testing is inevitable as the digital environment becomes more competitive, it is necessary to produce quality websites that can help you win the competitive race.

8. JavaScript frameworks

How JS web frameworks ensure fully integrated, secure and UI rich web systems

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  • The rise of JS and trends in web development
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  • Adding intelligence to industrial AR apps
  • Business challenges and benefits of implementing web frameworks

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Almost every innovation today involves JavaScript framework in one way or the other. JavaScript framework was first invented long ago, but today is one of the most widely used programming languages. Developers are falling in love with JavaScript frameworks development services mainly because it standardizes the programming language and helps to create a convenient front-end ecosystem for today’s modern businesses.

It features ready-to-use components with easy integration that eases the stages of the entire product development life cycle. High efficiency, fast performance and coding simplicity are among the numerous benefits offered by the JavaScript framework.

9. Serverless applications and architecture

Serverless applications are designed to avoid overloading, data loss, or expensive development costs and have been developed and marketed as a model for cloud computing. Besides, it helps to improve apps with greater flexibility while ensuring a sustainable system environment. Moreover, serverless architecture is forecasted to compliment chatbots, IoT apps, and products that need complex backend requests proceeding.

10. Responsive websites (RWD)

Last but not the least, is responsive websites. It is a very important trend, the reason being that we just can’t discuss web trends of 2020 without responsive websites. Today, every second search request is being made by a mobile user, which means responsive designs is the need of the hour.

Many organizations have begun to invest in responsive web design to make their websites mobile-friendly and achieve proper indexing to influence competitiveness. Responsive websites use the same HTML code for CSS that immediately changes website rendering.

The closing thought

We have addressed some of the most useful front-end technologies that can support modern organizations to build robust and reliable web design. It is therefore time for businesses to think out-of-the-box and use these web development trends to construct and deliver even better user experiences. Get in touch with us to know how you can leverage front-end development services and stay ahead of the curve.

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