Don’t lose customers because of poorly functioning and badly designed web apps

Softweb Solutions specializes in helping companies create seamless user experiences for their applications using some of the best frontend and backend technologies such as Angular, React, Vue.js and Node.js, among others. With our services revolving around the power of JavaScript web frameworks, companies can create cross-platform web and mobile applications that have a user-friendly interface, meet responsive design standards, deliver quick information and provide a unified user experience.

Softweb’s frontend technologies expertise

  • Experienced frontend consultants know how to maximize tech’s potential
  • Fast, flexible and scalable frontend apps by using the right libraries and framework
  • Integrating with the right backend frameworks for better management and control
  • UI/UX team ensures app works perfectly on all devices
  • Stringent QA process to ensure a bug free experience
  • Reusable modules to speed up development process
  • 150+

    Apps developed using Angular, React, Node.js & Vue.js

  • 70+

    Mobile apps created using React Native

  • 50+

    Dedicated frontend experts

JavaScript Frameworks – Ideal for IoT and AI

Our developers are always on the lookout for better databinding and unit testing using JavaScript code with the frameworks’ built-in dependency injection. This lets us build IoT applications that load faster than those built on any other frameworks.