How does implementing Tableau CRM enhances your business processes? How does implementing Tableau CRM enhances your business processes?

Tableau CRM – What does it have in store for you?

Tableau CRM – What does it have in store for you?
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Einstein Analytics was introduced in 2017. It was developed to provide advanced AI-powered analytics capability to Salesforce users. It allowed users to analyze a huge amount of data and get predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Salesforce brought an advanced level of data analytics into the Salesforce ecosystem by acquiring Tableau in 2019. A year later; Salesforce renamed Einstein Analytics as Tableau CRM. Tableau CRM is a combination of Tableau’s visualization capabilities and the AI and ML analytics capabilities of Einstein. This blend has the potential to provide a seamless experience for users and maintain the processes of both platforms.

Tableau CRM implementation provides an innovative platform for customer and business analytics. This platform has been optimized for mobile use and provides customer analytics to your CRM. It has the flexibility to work with any data. Tableau CRM allows you to connect with data in meaningful ways as it helps you to:

  • Connect to your CRM data directly
  • Take actions based upon insights quickly
  • Analyze a huge amount of data and get predictive analytics
  • Automate actions with inbuilt applications

Let’s take a look at some key features of Tableau CRM that makes it unique:

An AI-driven analytics platform

With Tableau CRM, it becomes easy to identify the trends, forecast events and get relevant suggestions to take better business actions. It helps you to understand data well and obtain assistance based on AI for further course of actions, irrespective of what skills or knowledge you have.

Inbuilt data management tools

Tableau CRM includes numerous data sources that you can use easily. You can collect data from external sources and merge everything on one platform. It helps you to build complete visualizations and insightful Tableau CRM dashboards with its exceptional connectors.

Predictions and recommendations based on AI

With its automated discovery of trends and AI-based predictions, Tableau CRM has achieved great importance by analysts and marketers. Tableau CRM provides great predictive and prescriptive analytics that help users to analyze data efficiently. It also provides descriptions for decision-makers to make beneficial business decisions easily and quickly.

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Inbuilt templates to build AI-powered apps

The Tableau CRM platform helps users to develop AI-driven business intelligence applications. It provides your team with built-in templates, visualization and inbuilt analytics to easily build a customized application. This provides you with a superior analytics experience completely customized to cater to your business requirements.

Seamless collaboration and integration across frameworks

Tableau CRM allows you to integrate with third-party applications and tools without any hassles. It helps you to collaborate with your teams to share dashboards and records easily. Since it has great embedded analytics and provides real-time alerts, it helps teams to provide analytics and actions quickly.

Tableau is driving impact for the world’s leading organizations like Verizon, Red Hat, UNC Health, Nissan, Cisco, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Intel, etc. It is imperative to make appropriate timely business decisions to do great business. Data analytics helps companies to make decisions that drive organizational success.

Tableau helps you to get the most out of your data to make smarter decisions in real-time. This takes your business growth to its peak point, especially when you are among the early adopters. With Tableau CRM, you can use data-driven insights throughout your teams to enhance the operational efficiency of your organization.


The use of Tableau CRM simplifies analytics for your teams. It streamlines the functioning of every department from sales to marketing, HR, finance, admin and analysts. Tableau CRM has the potential to help companies to fetch insights from data anytime and anywhere. It empowers organizations to access, explore and understand data by leveraging the best of both tools. To know more about how Tableau CRM can enhance your business processes, get in touch with our experts!

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