Softweb Solutions, wins GIS Innovative Achievers Award Softweb Solutions, wins GIS Innovative Achievers Award

Softweb Solutions

Ripal Vyas, President of Softweb Solutions, wins GIS Innovative Achievers Award

Chicago, IL., April 21, 2017 – Ripal Vyas, Softweb Solutions’ President, has been awarded the Innovative Achievers Award by the Gujarat Innovation Society in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

This award is presented to individuals or organizations who have been working persistently to promote innovation in the industry and encourage young entrepreneurs to do the same in Gujarat, one of the leading industrial states in India.

The Chicago-based company has a development center in Ahmedabad and has been working to promote technologies such as IoT, data science and augmented reality among several others for the past few years. The awards ceremony was held on April 18 and Softweb Solutions was represented by its General Manager Hitesh Patel at the event.

This is the second time that Mr. Vyas has received recognition from GIS. In 2016, he bagged the Trend Setter Award on behalf of his organization.

“We want to be synonymous with digital transformation and also want to increase our local as well as global footprint. We would like to soar to the top in Ahmedabad and inspire the local talent to make Gujarat one of the top states in India in terms of information technology and software development. We continue to invest time, money and effort across the company to always stay ahead of the competition and keep our workforce trained, updated and ready to go”, said Ripal Vyas.

About Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions Inc. is an Avnet company with offices in Chicago, Dallas and Ahmedabad. We deliver best-of-breed AI software for IoT applications, along with providing data services and digital transformation to enterprises. Over a decade of experience with startups to Fortune 100 companies has given us the proficiency to offer strategy, design, engineering solutions, and R&D services.

About Gujarat Innovation Society

Gujarat Innovation Society (GIS) is constantly working towards developing and providing facilities to create a favorable environment of innovative thinking amongst the youth of Gujarat initially and also the world at large. GIS is focused towards innovators, innovation and developing an innovative culture in the industry so that day to day activities and problems can be solved out in some innovative way. GIS aims to promote and cultivate the culture of innovation in the day to day life of each and every person.

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