Softweb Solutions is a Xamarin Premier Partners Softweb Solutions is a Xamarin Premier Partners

Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions is now a Xamarin Premier Partner

Chicago, Illinois – Chicago based software development company Softweb Solutions Inc. is now a Xamarin Premier Partner.
The partnership proves Softweb’s expertise in creating mobile applications using the powerful Xamarin platform.
“Xamarin’s biggest advantage is that developers can create native apps written in C# that share the same code on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Enterprises now don’t have to choose between cost and a particular mobile platform.” says Ripal Vyas, President and Founder of Softweb Solutions. “We are excited to be a part of the 750,000+ Xamarin developer community.” adds Mr.Vyas.
The process of becoming a Xamarin Premier Partner involves interviewing with Xamarin success engineers and having previous experience in creating an app in Xamarin. Softweb Solutions also had to demonstrate a high level of experience, skill and professionalism in project management and technical execution of Xamarin mobile projects.
Softweb Solutions with its history of mobile app development is now able to offer enterprises a platform which can create an app that can run on 2.6 billion mobile devices worldwide. Xamarin eliminates the need for having three different codebases for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, which is time consuming and expensive.
Xamarin allows faster iteration and quicker deployment of newer versions of the app across all platforms instead of releasing new features on one platform and making other platform users wait. This is possible because with the same language, APIs and data structures, the app code is 75% common for all the mobile development platforms.
Xamarin also allows apps to be tested on over 1,000 real mobile devices which results in real world testing. Xamarin Insights gives users precise and detailed error reporting regarding each crash.

About Xamarin

Xamarin’s mission is to make it fast, easy and fun to build great mobile apps. More than 770,000 developers already use Xamarin to create native, cross-platform enterprise and consumer apps for iOS, Android and Mac, representing 74 of the Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit:

About Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions Inc. is an Avnet company with offices in Chicago, Dallas and Ahmedabad. We deliver best-of-breed AI software for IoT applications, along with providing data services and digital transformation to enterprises. Over a decade of experience with startups to Fortune 100 companies has given us the proficiency to offer strategy, design, engineering solutions, and R&D services.
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