Softweb Solutions Delivers Smart Inventory Sessions

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Softweb Solutions delivers smart inventory session at Elmhurst College

October 28, 2016, Chicago, IL – The Knowledge Initiative group of Softweb Solutions has delivered a session on smart inventory management to the students pursuing Masters in Data Science at the Elmhurst College on October 18, 2016.

Softweb Solutions was invited to the college by Dr. James Kulich, Director, Masters in Data Science Program. The students got an opportunity to learn from industry experts on how data science works in real-life.

“My students got some new perspectives on how data science is applied in companies that are building a smarter inventory management system thanks to Dhiren and Harshil. We look forward to many such sessions from them in the future” added Dr. Kulich when asked what he thought about the session.

Softweb was represented by Dhiren Raval, program manager and Harshil Shah, data scientist. The session covered how machine learning and predictive analytics can help an organization analyze the market, which would eventually determine inventory levels and optimize their production schedules. Furthermore, the pair presented advanced data visualization capabilities with smarter analytics and insights required to take important decisions.

The duo also emphasized the importance of deep domain knowledge to ensure that initiatives of this sort create real business value.

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