How smart control app helps with content scrolling using gestures

SmartControl app for scrolling content with gestures

SmartControl app for scrolling content with gestures
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Scroll the content by just moving your face up and down! You don’t need to touch the screen, the app will just do all the scrolling for you! Doesn’t it sound amazing? This is exactly what the app from Team #SoftwebHackathon 14 does for you!
We came up with this incredible idea of creating an app which allows you to scroll the content without using touch or mouse inputs. You can scroll up or down the content while you move your face upward or downward direction! The app is going to capture your facial position, and in line with the gesture pattern, the page will move ascending or descending. This makes navigating and viewing of the content pretty easy and hands-free for the user.
More interestingly, you do not necessarily need to move your face! Instead, you can move your device up or down while holding it against your face which will give the same result as the face movement. This will automatically detect the face position and prompt the content to act accordingly.

Softweb Hackathon smart controller

(L to R: Rajkiran Vank, Nirav Bhavsar, Monica Patel, Kushan Shah, Anand Suthar)
Behind the Scene
We always wanted to do something unique based on the capabilities of Gesture technology in application development and the Hackathon event inspired us to do that at the right time. Softweb Hackathon 2014 was an excellent platform for us to showcase this idea and we worked relentlessly to make the dream come true. For us, the event was certainly a fun brawl too. Apart from games, dance, and snacks, we enjoyed testing the application which was the best part of it! We kept moving our head up and down quite a number of times to get the desired output!
In the making of application, we definitely loved coding for the application because this was something that truly captured our imagination. We used FaceDetector technology to create our app—SmartControl. The application detects face position on the screen and based on that rectangular portion movement, it decides either to scroll up or down.
Future Enhancement

  • Horizontal face movement gesture
  • While you chat on social media, app will detect emotions from your face and suggests smileys based on it 
  • Movement detection using accelerometer

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