Why everyone should integrate SharePoint with Salesforce

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SharePoint is one of the most popular document management platforms today. It is used by virtually all major enterprises since it ties in neatly with other Microsoft products such as MS Office. It is not only used to build intranet portals but also works well as an independent document repository. But the platform is not known for its CRM capabilities.

This is where Salesforce comes into the picture. It has grown into a major SaaS platform that enterprises use and has become the mainstay of support departments as well as marketing and sales departments worldwide. The reason for this is its ability to integrate with various other business systems and the extensions available for it. But when it comes to document management and storage capabilities, it does not rank as highly as SharePoint.

Salesforce offers limited space compared to SharePoint and for access to additional storage on Salesforce, companies end up paying a lot more than they would have paid for some other document management system. This means that companies that produce a lot of documents need to rely on some external document management software in order to reduce storage costs.

SharePoint 2016 Pre-Migration Check

There are several reasons why you should migrate to SharePoint 2016. It has hybrid cloud search, all the sites are in one place, it allows rapid site development, there are many PowerShell scripts and so on.

Companies that have both Salesforce and SharePoint can now integrate the two and leverage the strengths of both the platforms. This will make it possible for users to have access to all the files through just one interface.

Key benefits of integration

  • Access to various kinds of office documents including spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Document sharing with the relevant employees in the organization is possible because of SharePoint.

Integrating SharePoint and Salesforce leads to better collaboration

The sales department and other departments are often not on the same page. The former depends on Salesforce for most of its work while other departments use SharePoint-based intranet portals to collaborate, store marketing collateral and other documents.

This means that there are times when the sales team is out of the loop when it comes to having access to the latest marketing materials.


How SharePoint 2016 helps various departments to boost their efficiency

SharePoint 2016 is built on the same fundamental as SharePoint 2013 online, but with upgraded performance, scalability, reliability and user experience.


By integrating Salesforce with SharePoint, your sales team will be able to do the following:

  • Gain access to the company’s central repository of documents
  • Gain access to the documents without having to leave the Salesforce interface

This way your marketing and technical teams will know which documents are being used by the sales team, how often they are used and which ones are never used.

SharePoint can also be integrated with SAP, MS Dynamics CRM and other CRM systems and even with ERP systems.

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