Salesforce trends to watch out in 2021

What are Salesforce trends to watch out in 2021

What are Salesforce trends to watch out in 2021
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Salesforce is one of the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. It helps businesses to connect with customers and potential clients by using cloud technology. Salesforce provides a 360-degree view of your entire business process by empowering your sales, marketing, IT, service and commerce teams and helps you to track customer activity round the clock.

Over the period, Salesforce has become a fast-growing ecosystem that caters to the needs of almost every company irrespective of the domain that it deals with. It helps in keeping up with rapidly changing market demands and meeting customer requirements. However, the company has continuously worked on updating the technology and added ways in which it can serve you better.

Salesforce implementation services help you to integrate important platforms and tools to fix and debug apps for smooth functioning. These services give you the best user experience and minimize the lag in the production cycle.

Let’s take a look at the new emerging trends that make Salesforce a must-have for companies:

1. Advanced analytics

Clean data sets and accurate analytics are crucial for the improvement of business processes and functions. Hence, it has become imperative for companies to move to a data model that can help them to predict the actions of their customers based on their prior dealings.

With the help of Salesforce, data analysts know what customers like, search and share frequently. Hence, they can draw an inference about their future purchase pattern. This helps to better target customers and implement more profitable sales and service processes.



2. Artificial intelligence (AI)

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in Salesforce CRM has shown a considerable impact on costing, customer segmentation and configuration of products. Hence, Salesforce companies have also started incorporating AI in their CRM activities. Salesforce Einstein is the first complete AI for CRM. It enhances productivity, gives marketing predictions and supports customer engagement.

Salesforce companies can support sellers to make correct decisions with the help of real-time sales data when they incorporate AI with their CRM. Experts in the field predict that AI-CRM integration will heighten the performance of Salesforce companies and increase their revenue generation significantly.

Equipped with a large amount of data, Salesforce AI has the potential to manage and analyze data sets to exploit them completely. It even provides an ideal setting to handle the intricacies linked with data.

3. Voice technology

In the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of technology. Almost every industry has witnessed the rise in virtual sales. The arrival of AI has empowered salespeople to better interact with their prospects and clients in virtual mode. This has minimized the turnaround time for sales inquiries and increased the level of customer satisfaction.

Moreover, experts involved in IT management speculate that voice technologies will become a paramount part of their company’s CRM practice in no time. This indicates that the use of voice-based mobile applications will become an essential part of this era of digital transformation.

Currently, the use of speech recognition is also trending as sales and service executives find it useful to understand the mindset of their customers. Besides, automation has made meeting scheduling systematic and profitable. People depend upon voice assistants like smart speakers or chatbots and prefer to interact with sales representatives through these mediums.

All these pieces of information direct towards one fact that Salesforce Einstein voice assistants have made life easier for both customers and retailers.

4. Rise in demand for user experience

Last year, in 2020, most of the personnel around the globe had to work remotely, which led to an increase in additional practices of remote communication. One of the drawbacks was the inability to reach out to a colleague in person for coordination. On the other hand, as people were not prepared, it took some time to adjust to the new way of working. On top of that digital interruptions proved to be a big hurdle when it came to multitasking and screen exhaustion.

Here, Salesforce came as a savior. It unveiled complex workflows, unrealized capabilities and time-consuming tasks through simpler and more efficient user workflows.

5. Comfort of shopping

The digital mode of communication has changed the present world. Companies are adopting the new modes of communication and choosing Salesforce CRM to showcase their brands at places where customers are likely to spend more time to browse and make a purchase like social media platforms, etc. Such a mode of sales does not require the setting up of a physical store. Businesses need to develop web and mobile apps for customers to browse them and make purchases to fulfill their requirements.

6. Marketing automation

A particular part of the planned objectives of organizations with Salesforce administrations requires the implementation of marketing automation. It is definite to empower businesses to achieve the targets that they do not achieve easily by the sole efforts of their workforce. Marketing automation tools contain Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Pardot both.

Pardot is one of the top marketing automation tools. It drives sales via email marketing, social marketing, lead generation, etc. Marketing Cloud on the other hand has been updated by Salesforce to assist in augmenting marketing campaigns by:

  • Sending automated emails to registered customers
  • Giving discounts to targeted customers


The aforesaid trends in Salesforce CRM are revolutionizing the way online businesses operate around the world by enhancing employees’ working efficiency and freeing them from conventional, tedious and time-consuming processes. However, it is advisable to take the help of a Salesforce service provider to implement these trends successfully and utilize the Salesforce CRM system to cater to the rising expectations of customers.

Salesforce CRM will continue to evolve and the automation level will be augmented. This will transform the functioning of all the departments of a company and lead to the achievement of greater revenues. To know more about how the integration of Salesforce CRM will help you engage your customer base and enhance the incorporation of other tech resources, talk to our experts.

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