How Salesforce Einstein helps organizations to unlock customer insights

AI at your service: Demystifying Salesforce Einstein

AI at your service: Demystifying Salesforce Einstein
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Isn’t it the dream of every business to know their customers better so that they can offer them the most relevant solutions? To keep customers interested in their products and services, companies have to constantly engage their customers by providing them with pertinent options to choose from. Analyzing the customer’s digital journey in a contextual fashion has become important to ensure a higher customer retention ratio.

So how can you get insights on clients and provide them with solutions specifically tailored to their requirements? The answer is simple: By leveraging Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). By adding AI capabilities to CRM systems, businesses can understand and interact with their customers in newer ways. However, it is often difficult to get technical expertise, infrastructure and other resources required to deliver robust AI solutions. This is where Salesforce Einstein implementation comes to rescue. The artificial intelligence in Salesforce Einstein helps organizations to unlock deeper customer insights. Now, let’s see what exactly Einstein is.

What is Einstein?

Do you remember Microsoft’s Clippy? It was a paper clip-like icon that you’d find in the bottom corner of a Word document. Einstein is a smarter version of Clippy. It is not a simple ‘plug-and-play’ AI tool. It is much more than that.

Salesforce Einstein is an artificial intelligence assistant that is used to process CRM data. It helps in processing information, delivering accurate predictions and giving suggestions according to a businesses’ individual needs. Einstein can automatically process data to provide comprehensive insights that can be used for savvy decision-making. With Salesforce Einstein, companies can empower their employees such as service agents, marketers, sales representatives and others to improve productivity without coding AI algorithms.

Einstein Platform vs. Einstein Analytics

Einstein is both a platform and a product. Einstein Platform Services allows you to seamlessly embed custom deep learning models into your CRM processes. It comprises of two components:

Einstein Vision – Enterprises can leverage image recognition offered by Einstein Vision for multiple use cases like visual search, product identification, measuring footfalls, brand detection, etc.

Einstein Language – With Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities of Einstein Language, companies can create new and innovative ways to stay connected with their customers and enhance customer retention.

Salesforce Einstein as a product can be incorporated with all the Salesforce apps (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and so on) to add AI capabilities. Einstein handles the data preparation process, modeling and the infrastructure required to embed predictive models into Salesforce apps. With Einstein Analytics, companies can get actionable insights powered by advanced analytics. Not only can Einstein be integrated with Salesforce apps, but with Einstein Analytics, organizations can build intelligent analytics apps for their sales and marketing processes.

Salesforce Audit

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Benefits of Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is a unique tool that allows organizations to uncover insights from their CRM dashboards. Moreover, it also helps businesses with detailed forecasts on sales and marketing for better decision-making. This allows firms to understand their customers’ requirements better and present them with relevant products and solutions.

The combinational capabilities of the smart assistant and the data extracted from the CRM system can help companies with the following use cases:

  • Sales: Sales representatives can get meaningful customer insights that allow them to increase conversion rates and close more deals, bringing in new revenue opportunities.
  • Marketing: Einstein makes running marketing campaigns easy by allowing marketers to design tailored content and send it across to the right customers at the right time and through the right channel. This, in turn, improves customer engagement.
  • Service: Customer service agents can solve cases easily by recommending the right articles offered by Einstein. This allows the company to achieve faster turn-around times.
  • Commerce: Retailers can get insights on their best-selling products and recommend the right product to the right customer.

Salesforce implementation guide and best practices

Being one of the leading CRM systems in the world, Salesforce assists enterprises to streamline their business operations on all fronts of customer relationships along with sales and marketing. From tracking their customer’s activity to marketing automation,


Ensuring customer satisfaction with Salesforce Einstein

Everything revolves around data as it is the fuel that runs AI algorithms. Salesforce Einstein leverages company data from CRM, emails, social channels and other sources to offer companies with in-depth customer insights. This results in efficient customer management and automation of business workflows. To get more knowledge about Salesforce Einstein, you can leverage our Salesforce consulting services.

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