Rewind to July 2014: Softweb's Monthly Highlights

Monthly Roundup – Softweb posts of July 2014

Monthly Roundup - Softweb posts of July 2014
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We are officially in the second half of 2014, and the month of July enlightened us with some fascinating news. While June began with Apple’s WWDC, it ended with Google’s I/O. July saw a lot more of Android and its upcoming products and updates. Let us dive in and check the top baggers for the entire month.

1) Google I/O 2014: Everything that you need to know

We discussed the part of Google’s annual event aimed at the end user. Google’s upcoming installment of Android OS named Android L, their latest foray into wearable technology, along with Android Auto and Android TV, were greeted with cheers. We also look at the few unique giveaways at the event. Will these enhance the overall Android experience?

2) Google I/O 2014: Everything that Developers Need to Know

The rest of the event which focused on developers also had some interesting announcements. From material design to android wear SDK’s, from numerous cloud enhancing services to the recently acquired app testing service, Appurify, we have covered it all. Not to forget the unnamed jibe at one of its competitors! Do you think these will benefit developers?

3) Which CMS is better suited for your business?

Content multiplied! A detailed look at some of the most sought after Content Management Systems and how you can select the right one for your endeavor.  We also discuss the role of an IT solutions provider in bridging the gap between these systems. Which one is better suited to you?

4) iPhone 6 – The buzz, the hype and what the tech world is expecting from Apple

With the beta release of iOS 8 and the host of upcoming features, the countdown to that time of the year has begun. Software aside, we take a look at the biggest technological release of the year when the iPhone 6 hits the shelves. Will Apple live up to the tech world’s expectations? Read on to find out.

5) Drupal 8 – The Developer Favored CMS Aims to Win Over the Masses

As open-source gains steam, we look at the highly anticipated successor to Drupal 7, which brings with it the ease of a CMS aimed at novice users, while still be able to provide a robust framework for developers. Will Drupal 8 be as exciting as promised?

6) Why Apple Swift is the Next Big Thing for iOS Developers?

Apple’s WWDC announcement regarding their newly developed and dedicated programming language for iOS and Mac applications is here. We take a look at the architecture and benefits of Swift, and also how it will help developers and users. Let us know your thoughts.

7) 5 Ways to Make your Sales Team More Productive

We take automation, the buzzword, and look at ways you can adopt various technologies as part of your business, and provide 5 ways to get your sales team up and running, while also discussing how important mobile sales applications are to help your business stay ahead of the game.

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