How Microsoft's Hololens can take a business to new heights How Microsoft's Hololens can take a business to new heights

Microsoft’s HoloLens is transforming creativity, efficiency & effectiveness like never before

Microsoft's HoloLens is transforming creativity, efficiency & effectiveness like never before
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When Microsoft first unveiled HoloLens, I was blown away because I didn’t know what to think about it. But, now I can summarize the entire thing in this single post which will help you to understand, imagine and implement this smart product for better creativity, efficiency with effectiveness like never before.

When you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see.

It’s been over a month since Microsoft announced HoloLens which is probably the best thing ever; let’s dive deeper inside the detail of the innovative yet buzzing technology.

HoloLens Pilot Project

Our aim is to give enterprises clarity in terms of the deliverables and expectations when it comes to building a full-scale HoloLens specific application along with a precise estimate of the time required.

It is the first fully unbound, see-through holographic computer. HoloLens enables high-definition holograms to come to life by seamlessly integrating with the physical spaces, places, products, and things. And this experience is known as the mixed reality- holograms mixed with real world will unleash all-new ways to communicate, create, and transform.

A Glance at Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens

Welcome to the next great visual computing experience with the HoloLens. Since Microsoft announced its HoloLens tech, the media is comparing it with Google glass. Which is the better one? The question is tinkling in the minds of millions.
Why Google Glass could not become famous in spite of so many efforts by Google. Their key mistake was to make augmented reality transition in the public arena. I think Microsoft learned from Google’s mistake and launched HoloLens from a specific designing and creativity perspective with greater collaboration accessibility.

Apps Development for HoloLens

With the advent of technology new scopes for developing apps are always there with the launch of any major hardware device. Undoubtedly, there are huge business apps that Microsoft will push in the future yet it is already partnering with leading companies and groups like NASA, Legendary, Disney, and Unity which are interested in leveraging new ways of collaboration and interaction.

Every single universal Windows app has these capabilities
-Alex Kipman, Microsoft

However, Windows 10 is the first and foremost platform to support HoloLens technology. Holograms are Windows universal applications with Windows 10 and this will open new doors for us to create, communicate and, explore. Microsoft is working hard to launch its app building platform for HoloLens but you can start building Windows universal applications.

How Microsoft’s HoloLens technology is transforming the world around us

It is like a traditional personal computer containing a CPU and GPU. It is made up of specialized components that make holographic computing possible like never before. And the headset uses a custom built holographic processing unit which handles the data coming from different sensors contained in the device. The breakthrough sensors in HoloLens capture information about the environment you are in and whatever you’re doing.

With holograms you’ll have a new canvas. Your apps can come to life.
-Alex Kipman, Microsoft

Microsoft’s HoloLens comprises of microphones to capture sound and voice commands and cameras to map the space around a human being. The APIs HoloLens uses to combine gesture control and gaze are found on Windows 10, which means any program built on Microsoft’s universal app platform will run on the headset. HoloLens is highly capable of rendering high-definition holograms.

HoloLens is revolutionizing designing, computing and communication

Let’s go beyond the screen and you can shape holograms to fine-tune the design. What’s more exciting? Let me give you an insight about what more you can do with the HoloLens.  Here you won’t find a screen to touch and a mouse to click- you have to create and make holograms with gestures. You can communicate using your voice with apps and navigate with a glance. That’s how you can transform the ways you communicate, collaborate, create, examine, and evaluate.
It also gives you new opportunities to learn and teach as it’s always easier to show than to tell. Friends, colleagues, and professionals can help you with challenging tasks. Make them see your environment from their computer and tablet and they can draw instructions which appear as holograms in your environment. It is easier to show, tell and get real-time help who sees what you see from multiple perspectives.
With so many speculations from tech media it’s been projected that it will cost somewhere around $500 to $800. Some in the tech community as saying that Microsoft could launch it at the same time as its Windows 10 launch, which is scheduled for a July 29 release.
Thanks Microsoft, for the future of computing, designing, and development. Let’s transform the way we design and develop the world around us.

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