HoloLens 2: The Key to Productive Industrial Training

How HoloLens 2 takes industrial training to the next level

How HoloLens 2 takes industrial training to the next level
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In today’s industrialized world, process and equipment training provides workers with the knowledge needed to effectively perform their tasks. If your manufacturing workforce is efficient, they can help you increase output and respond more quickly to industry demands. The introduction of modern technologies has significantly increased the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Likewise, virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) have made industrial training effortless. HoloLens 2 is one such technology that brings mixed reality to life. It can enable your workers to naturally touch, grasp and move virtual objects.

HoloLens 2 capabilities

Microsoft HoloLens has undoubtedly improved with the inclusion of smart features in the new HoloLens 2 device. A few of its impeccable capabilities that will be useful to your employees are:

1. Hand gesture recognition: HoloLens 2 adapts to your hand gestures, making holograms act like real objects.

2. Built-in voice support: Allow users to quickly navigate and operate HoloLens 2 while their hands are busy with other tasks.

3. Eye movements observation: HoloLens precisely detects where you are looking and what your intent is, enabling holograms to adapt to your eyes in real-time.

4. Spatial Mapping: Map digital content to objects or surfaces in your physical environment.

5. Extensive field view: Interact precisely with holograms and immerse yourself in mixed reality with an 8-point font on a holographic website.

With so many interactive features, this can be a good fit for different industries and a variety of use cases. The use of MR in industrial training with HoloLens 2 is one such application.

Address the skill gap using HoloLens 2 for industrial training

HoloLens 2 assists manufacturing companies by providing a step-by-step guide to accelerate learning, standardize processes and reduce errors.

Manufacturers reduced training time by 75 percent, at an average savings of $30 per labor hour, according to HoloLens 2 TEI study.

Mixed reality training empowers employees to have accurate and up-to-date information available, with context to refer to whenever necessary. It also improves workers’ skills by ensuring greater reliability and jobsite performance.

Retain experts’ skills and knowledge

When an employee leaves, the company loses an asset in the form of their years of experience, learnings and insights. HoloLens 2 can assist you in overcoming this issue by observing the tasks your employees perform correctly as well as the errors they make. HoloLens 2 can then learn from and adapt to the device to make it smarter and safer.

Job training with better knowledge retention

You can create a step-by-step holographic instruction using Dynamic 365 Guides and Power Apps to easily schedule the work order with a checklist alongside. The operator can use mixed reality to draw/design visual instructions as needed. These visual guides can include images, videos, or 3D models and don’t require any coding or specialized programming skills.

The interface in the guide can be controlled with eye motion to move to the next step, this feature can allow your workers to work hands-free and easily with tools and equipment.

Increase productivity by reducing training time

Microsoft has collaborated with Altoura to make the HoloLens no-code spatial mapping feature live. Using this feature, you can design a virtual factory-like setup to create an immersive training experience, resulting in better business output.

According to Altoura, there is 60% improvement in training content recall and reduction.

Design efficient workflow with Vuforia Studio

Reduce errors and enhance productivity by providing your field service agents with quick access to critical data to refer to when and where they need it. By leveraging MR instructions, your frontline workers can get assistance in performing their jobs quickly, accurately and safely.

Remote training with experts

Experts can use HoloLens 2 to connect with trainees in the virtual world to conduct training sessions online, saving experts’ time while delivering a similar in-person training experience. HoloLens 2 can allow your trainees to share their viewpoints with remote experts to solve queries quickly and document details for future reference.

Assess trainees’ skills easily

A customized assessment can be created with the help of skill insights collected during the training phase to train your employees on specific gaps. The result of the assessment automatically gets evaluated. The insights are then shared with experts to determine whether a trainee can do the job in a real environment. MR enables trainees to take the assessment online safely and efficiently.

Industrial application of HoloLens 2 for automobile manufacturers

Out of many use cases of HoloLens 2 in manufacturing, one of them is training. Many vehicle manufacturers are coming up with the idea of placing a QR code on the vehicle hood so that any technician can scan it through HoloLens 2 and follow the holographic instructions. The object understanding feature of HoloLens 2 is developed in such a way that a pointer will show the exact location of the bolt, irrespective of the viewer’s angle.

With traditional training methods, it’s one thing to explain concepts to the trainees by showing them examples; it’s another thing to let them perform it in a real environment. Industrial training with HoloLens 2 for automobile manufacturers can expose their trainees to a real environment and let them experience various scenarios to be future-ready.

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Benefits of HoloLens 2 for manufacturing

1. Reduces skill gap
2. Zero risk training
3. Streamlines training process
4. Easy skill assessment
5. Saves time with remote training
6. Average cost savings of $30 per labor hour
7. 34% higher productivity
8. Increase training efficiency by 60%

Upgrade your training experience by adopting HoloLens 2!

HoloLens 2 offers a dynamic alternative to traditional training methods by creating a useful combination of real and digital objects. This allows users to interact with a virtual environment with their hands. This virtual, immersive environment is risk-free and can contain scenarios that allow employees to sharpen the skills required for the job.

Once you’ve decided to incorporate HoloLens 2 into your training program, the next step is to collaborate with designers and developers to make your vision a reality. Our HoloLens 2 development services can help you to create a customized app to educate the glasses about the right industrial practices to guide new trainees.

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