Save Environment and Costs by Leveraging IOT Technologies

iSaveDrop – Saving environment and costs by leveraging the latest IoT technologies

iSaveDrop – Saving environment and costs by leveraging the latest IoT technologies
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Clean water is one of the most precious sources of life on earth and without water our existence is not possible. Besides air, water is the second most essential need of every living being to live. We are gradually reaching a situation in which we will have to either pay for it or labor for it (e.g. haul it out from a clean source) – it’s no longer abundant or free. Additionally, the drier your environment (desert) the higher you will place a value on it.

Now that the U.S. population has doubled over the past 50 years, our thirst for water has tripled. With the anticipation that at least 40 states will experience a water shortage by 2024, the need to conserve water is becoming critical and may enter the catastrophic stage if we don’t address this issue post-haste.

Though we are not the first to address this life-threatening problem, we do believe our iSaveDrop initiative, which monitors water consumption in large usage areas and advises consumers about conservation and cost savings activities, is a unique and viable solution for the US market.

The idea behind inventing this consumer-friendly and cost-effective solution was to create an automated water monitoring and control system for several common household use cases. With a transformative solution like this, the new homeowner, high-end palatial estates, oceanfront vacation homes and every single or multi-family dwelling in between can save water and have a convenient lifestyle.

The exquisiteness and simplicity of our solution are – our all use-cases are implemented on a common platform. You must be wondering why is that a big deal? All the use-cases share analytics. For example, a customer of iSaveDrop recently reported that a pool-sweep booster pump hose detached from the return line on a 50,000-gallon pool. As a result, the pool water flooded their backyard. Since the customer was only monitoring the water pool level and on a pool of that size 500 gallons of water loss would only register a waterline drop off ¼ of an inch and would more than likely show up as evaporation. It was the main water line sensor that registered excessive water flow backfilling or topping off the pool.

Multiple use-cases are designed around water management and usage control for indoor and outdoor arrangements. Although we have identified several uses cases below, this multifaceted solution is not limited to residential dwellings, it can also be applied to farms, ranches, industrial/office/retail builds, light industrial and large factories. Our iSaveDrop solution helps you to measure, monitor or control a drop or a million gallons of H20 anywhere you want.


  • Increases awareness of water consumption for a greener planet.
  • Reduces wastage of water and help to utilize it wisely.
  • Smartly monitors usage, over usage, restricts, distributes and appropriate allocation of water.
  • Generates real-time insights
    • Macro & Micro
  • Reduces your water bill through monitoring and adjusts lifestyle choices.
  • Gives insights into your water usage and compares your metrics with other arrangements in your area.
  • Helps you to be a part of the community by saving water your way.
  • Benefits you in multiple areas, such as:
    • Monitors water purification
    • Home aquarium/fish keeping
    • Pools and water features
    • Water tanks: storm water capture, livestock, agriculture, lakes and ponds
    • Lakes & ponds
  • Helps you save money by effectively and efficiently helps you recycle water.
  • Gives you full control of your water system from anywhere in the world.

Saving water saves energy and saving energy saves you money!

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