How to creating a content marketing strategy for your audience How to creating a content marketing strategy for your audience

How to create a content marketing strategy that fits your audience

How to create a content marketing strategy that fits your audience
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Today’s consumers are driven by concepts based on research and data. Content marketers need to empower their readers with detailed information and give them information first, then start selling. Remember, emotions are the crucial elements for building long-term relationships with your audiences, use it wherever it is needed.
Furthermore, in this post I will tell you a tactical approach on what a content marketer should apply while creating the content. Remember, building bonds work instead of you just trying to sell.
Moreover, it’s your task to decide what you want to accomplish before you start collecting and researching content material. In short, you need to decide and clarify your objectives first!
Creating compelling content entirely depends what you include in the post/article etc., and what media format you use to present. Following are proven strategies for content marketers for learning, experimenting, and finally exploring online business opportunities.

  • Finding the right content channel

The first and foremost task for you is to finalize appropriate content channels for your purpose.
When you have chosen a list of suitable online networks, set your profile and started exploring, the results will be awesome.

  • How to find target your audience and, creating your content calendar

When you are clear with your objectives you can start researching, experimenting and collecting data to present through the content. Nowadays, digital media is trending all over-corporates to social communities, etc. and there are hundreds of social networks to continue with. But, you cannot maintain and monitor all of them- some are worthy and some are a total waste. Check out which will work and suits the best for you.
Create a monthly calendar including day-wise task sheet per network. Perform on each network and analyze results after one month.

  • Exclusive market research

 It is equally important to present your content the way you created it; I mean you should do extensive research for presenting content in a visually compelling style combined with statistical data.
Exclusive market research

50% and lead conversion rates of 40%, interactive content might be just what you need to boost your lead gen in 2015.

Source: Salesforce Pardot

  • Type of content that helps you generate leads

It’s not necessary that the content that worked for your competitor will work for you, that’s why you need to identify what types of content you need to create that will work for you. Interaction is the key to get success in online marketing, which leads to customer engagement.
What other things the content can do if it engages your customers/readers? Selling, probably the last purpose the content can add value to the process, but for that you need to interact first, engage and then convert into potential customers.
Following are the top 12 types of content that can help you to create prospects and generate leads through.

  • Interactive Content
  • Landing Pages
  • White Papers
  • Assessments
  • Email Campaigns
  • Surveys
  • Success Stories/Case Studies
  • Visual Content/Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • Contests
  • Calculators
  • Webinars

Following are the processes and content strategies that online marketers need to focus on while sculpturing content:
Define Concept: Find a topic and define its scope
Do Keyword Research: Find what topic people are searching
Create Visual Content: Infographics to showcase the processes and methodology etc.
Insert Multimedia: A well-crafted video for personalized experience
Use Social Media Marketing: Analyze and measure social media ROI
Integrated Social Activities: And that too with mobile optimized post
Pick an Influencer: To target and highlight his/her advice in the post
Show Results: Readers always rely on results; try to present it in a statistical manner
List Posts: Online readers have and will always love list posts and there are reasons for this liking. Let’s drill it out:
Why people love list posts:

  • They make a specific promise
  • They are scannable
  • They invoke curiosity

The Solution: “Go bigger, go better”.

Let me elaborate this with a quick example, what sounds more impressive to you?

Top content marketing tips to grow your audience


The Complete List: Top 10 Content Marketing Channels Essential for Online Business

Without even seeing each article, you can tell the second option is going to be more impressive. What you want to do is find a topic in your niche where bigger is better”.
Make your post longer, also don’t forget to include:

  • more detail
  • more visuals/usable
  • more accessible (a printable or downloadable version)

Have a glance at the following graph for getting insights about online marketing services that enterprises seeking for outsourcing:
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