Modernized your Conference Room with the Power of IOT Modernized your Conference Room with the Power of IOT

Modernize your conference room with the power of Internet of Things (IoT)

Modernize your conference room with the power of Internet of Things (IoT)
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Regardless of size and complexity, most offices encounter hurdles and issues. With the advancement of Internet technology, it has become easier to solve complexity into simplicity. Cloud computing, analytics, and automation have already put humans on ease with efficiency. As far as effectiveness is concerned, we need human input to manage and monitor the smart technology systems – that’s where the human role comes on priority.
Powering offices with the Internet of Things (IoT)
If you see today’s offices they are more than just a workplace, I mean to say today’s offices are easily managed with efficient administration,  smarter and intuitive work flows through processes in a particular mechanism. The modern offices are built with the focus of data collection and automation. And this collected data can be used in multiple ways to manage and monitor office and employees. Data based smart intelligence is opening new, faster, and smarter ways of possibilities with smart and predictive analytics. There are things that you can prevent by getting insights through predictive analysis. That’s where you can advance your system and transform the way you work, manage or monitor.

Everything that can be automated will be automated.

One more thing, there are no limitations with the exceeding technologies, I mean everything that we used to manage through human efforts can be automated smartly yet efficiently, and that too in a cost effective way. A big office caters huge areas and different sections-cubicles, conference rooms, collaboration and brainstorming space, lounge/cafeteria, and other areas. Internet of Things (IoT) enables offices to have a personality. Modern meeting rooms are well equipped with resources, sensors, cloud computing, and machines to manage everything easily, efficiently, and in a timely fashion.

Adopting all these changes can really boost your company’s performance. Now, let’s move toward the conference rooms as now most offices with multiple locations need an efficient way to communicate, collaborate, manage, and monitors conference meetings at off-shore and on-shore locations.
A modern conference room comprises all modern amenities and equipment needed to collaborate, discuss, and develop different business processes and overcome or solve issues and hurdles.
Just think about the last meeting you attended and evaluate yourself with the future of technology- what types of presentation sources were available and what types of personal devices you were allowed to use. Traditional presentation have changed a lot with bring your own technology/ bring your own device (BYOT/BYOD) concepts. That’s how conference room technology and presentation requirements have changed. Meeting participants and connectivity on real-time basis have enabled to check, invite, and connect to the groups in a coordinated style from anywhere and anytime.



Internet of Things at Softweb Solutions  
The purpose of this experiment is to display the ability of the Internet of Things (IoT) for various uses across offices that primarily include data logging and automation. The motion sensor collects the data of the number of movements it encounters, while the door sensor tells us the number of times the door was opened, and the duration that it remains open. This gives us an insight into the number of visitors with further breakdowns as per requirements.
We have installed a door and a motion sensor, along with a buzzer, that are connected to a Raspberry Pi. The Pi is programmed to sound the buzzer when the door opens, and capture the image when the motion sensor detects any kind of motion.
Using the Python programming language, the motion sensor is programmed to signal the Pi when it detects motion. The same way, the door sensor sounds the buzzer as long as the door is open. Another script tells the Pi camera to capture the motion, which is then transmitted to the user’s mobile phone / tablet or personal computer over the Internet.

  • Door sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Pi Camera
  • Buzzer

Benefits of Softweb Smart Office

  • Automatically schedule meetings by using motion sensors
  • Saves time in employee communication and collaboration
  • Agile, easy access, anonymous, and autonomous system
  • Manage multi-location offices on the move from your mobile device
  • Schedule conference room meeting from your phone/tablet, check availability and  invite employees
  • Improve business productivity by optimizing every area of your office
  • Easy document sharing from your phone- presentation, PDF, Video, and other important documents
  • Cost and time saving with greater efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Result oriented process and practices
  • Have an eye on everything in your office
  • Manage office and employees smartly

One more thing businesses need to focus on is energy utilization- how smartly and efficiently you are utilizing or conserving energy.  How efficiently are your conference rooms conserving energy? Are they equipped with automation and predictive analytics? All these are related to the cost and effectiveness- what every business wants. When you manage everything smartly saving in cost and time comes eventually and that’s where modern conferences are setting a  new culture in the office environment with connectivity, communications, and real-time reports.
There are other things that can be managed effectively by using the power of big data, cloud computing, automation and analytics like unrealistic expectations, poor project management, scope expansion, uncertainty, and other IT related problems.
If you want to transform your office into a smarter workplace where employees want to be, then you must get ready for the resistance to CHANGE. Softweb is continuously and progressively transforming office spaces for a smarter workplace, if you are up to the challenge, join us. Fill up the inquiry form with all detailed requirement and our engineers will revert back to you with a complete solution in 2 days.

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