How IoT in Sports is transforming the Gaming world How IoT in Sports is transforming the Gaming world

How the combination of AI and IoT is transforming the sports world

How the combination of AI and IoT is transforming the sports world
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The time is not far when athletes will open their phones and ask, “What do I need to do to improve my skills?” The human eye has limitations, but how about sensors? With sensors, it’s possible to record all the movements an athlete makes during an activity, which the human eye may miss. By applying machine learning techniques on these data, the athlete and his coach can learn exactly where to improve and how to improve. The output is an ‘instrumented athlete,’ which is becoming the new competitive advantage.

As an athlete, who doesn’t want to be trained? An AI-powered IoT-enabled solution not only tracks essential metrics, such as speed, time, distance, cadence, calories burnt and much more, but also develops personalized training plans to improve fitness levels and endurance of an athlete. It also generates smart recommendations towards personalized nutrition, as to be fit is never about eating less but eating right. Nevertheless, leveling up to the audience experience is also another priority of this solution.

Smart buildings are central to it. The embedded sensors in the athlete’s clothing or equipment transmit data to the stadium’s Wi-Fi network. These data can help the team to monitor performance and the same data can be shared with viewers for a better fan experience. The other benefits of smart stadiums include better energy management by keeping track of crowded areas, increased public safety, redirecting people from busier areas to ones where there are shorter queues and selling more merchandise through proximity marketing solutions.

By creating “smart sportsman,” i.e., network-connected players, it’s not just their coaches and team management who can get real-time insights into an athlete’s performance, but even fans can know how their favorite athlete is performing. The solution allows visitors to watch the instant replay with slow motion, order food and drink, and upgrade seats in the stadium. It also offers dynamic retail discounts to attract a large pool of audience and intelligent security monitoring to organizers.

In all, whether it’s about helping athletes to improve their techniques, fitness levels, avoid injury, or upgrading the fan experience and providing a window to organizers to make money – it is AI and IoT that can transform the sports world.

What you can do with AI and IoT in sports

  • Watch athlete performance with real-time data
  • Develop intelligent coaching mechanism
  • Detect. Decode. Recommend.
  • Enrich fan experience
  • Uplift stadium security
  • Take benefits of proximity marketing opportunities
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring of sport facilities

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