How hospitality industry is using the Internet of Things How hospitality industry is using the Internet of Things

What you can do with AI and IoT in hospitality industry

What you can do with AI and IoT in hospitality industry
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The hospitality industry is implementing IoT-centric systems to serve customers better and to increase the efficiency of its operations.

For example, the hotel industry can use IoT to provide integrated services such as application-driven devices and automated triggers like automated door locks, set-top-boxes, thermostats, telephones, light switches, electric blinds and other devices that are connected on a common network to enable the services that guests want. These kinds of facilities will help hoteliers to enhance their in-room experiences and provide a luxurious ambiance for their guests.

The hospitality staff will be able to provide a better housekeeping service, facilities maintenance, room service and carry out energy conservation. Implementation of IoT solutions for the hospitality industry enables owners to optimize the front desk, concierge, room service, and employees to address customer requirements through data-driven triggers and alerts. If proprietors can automate various sensors within their properties with guest data or employee information, they can provide a better experience and gain more customer loyalty.

The hospitality industry owns countless possibilities for growing returns and reducing expenditures by incorporating IoT technologies in their processes. And a smart energy management system will definitely upsurge the points of guest satisfaction by facilitating the guest to smoothly adjust the resources in the hotel room such as lights and temperature.

Other hospitality businesses, like restaurants, can even implement IoT systems for better inventory management. They can track the preparation of food in real-time : by applying sensors in their kitchens. This can help restaurant owners to have better quality control and meet food safety standards.

All types of hospitality businesses, including food and beverage, hotels, bed and breakfast enterprises, travel and tourism, and other places that offer to lodge can integrate sensors in their properties to provide extra benefits to their management.

What you can do with AI and IoT in hospitality industry

Benefits of IoT implementation in hospitality:

Improves the customer experience

In the service industry, customer service is the primary factor that pleases the customer most. Personalized and fast services make the hoteliers earn the faith of their customers. A happy customer not only stays loyal but even gives you more business in the form of recommendations. The incorporation of IoT systems enriches the customer experience. This innovation makes the hotel more attractive and at the same time, fetches new visitors.

Optimizes the hotel expenditure

What would sound better than giving better services and saving money at the same time? These systems can optimize expenses. The hoteliers can keep a check on energy usage and workload savings, as IoT can manage everything automatically.

For example: With the incorporation of IoT systems, room resources can turn off automatically as soon as the guest leaves the room. The implementation of digital devices cuts employee costs. Since the system does continuous tracking, it collects real-time data about a customer’s choices and preferences in-hotel purchases.

Predictive analytics

IoT and AI together can facilitate you to analyze the services and check the process at definite points. This will enable you to improve service options and delivery. The data collected can be smartly analyzed by the system and give valuable insights. These insights would benefit and suggest you to either modify the existing services or introduce more on the board.

Synchronization with existing devices

IoT implementation does not require the replacement of existing devices. It can work well with the existing ones with little or no modification. The investment would be beneficial right from the very beginning since it would cut on costs and enhance the service levels.

Travel, transportation and hospitality, industrial manufacturing and banking & financial services are the top three industries when ranked on average IoT spend per company in 2015. – Forbes

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