Enhancing the Customer Experience Management Capabilities in Sitecore Enhancing the Customer Experience Management Capabilities in Sitecore

Enhancing the digital customer experience with Sitecore

Enhancing the digital customer experience with Sitecore
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Consumers enjoy a great digital experience these days unlike past years when traditional marketing campaigns were typically limited to creating a strategy using outbound marketing and specific themed messaging to stay ahead of the competition. Now that the digital era has begun, it has brought radical changes in the traditional way of marketing and managing customer relationship. The multichannel marketing campaign is in vogue, which is personalized in real-time in order to gain greater conversions and, ultimately, a drastically enhanced customer experience.

Customer experience with Sitecore

Presentation and experience are critical factors in shaping perception and seamless user-friendly experiences across all touch points have become essential to attract and retain customers in a challenging marketplace. Today enterprises look forward to extend their integrated marketing messages to emails, websites, e-shopping, mobile and the like. With more and more organizations turning to digital channels to improve engagement and customer service, we cannot overlook the role that digital plays in a challenging and competitive marketplace.

It’s needless to say that Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management and we know as a Sitecore expert from the work we have been doing for our global clients that digital marketing is now seen as a key business driver – a “game changer” across many areas from improving customer experience to attracting sales.



As a matter of fact that company websites are central hubs for interaction, websites must be revamped and improved over time, so they can remain fully responsive while delivering quality content. Sitecore digital marketing opens doors for marketers to deliver on their strategic goals.

Here we’ve listed down the tools available to leverage your marketing efforts:

  • A single integrated platform from which to plan out, analyze and evaluate all customer interactions
  • Engagement automation to seamlessly carry out unlimited 1:1 conversations across all offline and online channels
  • Powerful engagement analytics to optimize marketing campaign
  • Built-in web, email and social media channels with opportunities to integrate into existing channel tools

Customer Experience Management Capabilities in Sitecore DMS


Below are five key insights on digital customer experience derived from Sitecore’s report:
Personalized content

Providing personalized content experiences can help you increase customer interest significantly. Studies suggest that more and more organizations are planning on investing significantly in personalization.

Automate response

Automate your online marketing responses through digital channels with respect to the visitor behavior and improve sales leads. It has been observed that companies are having great potential in automating online marketing responses, but many respondents stated it’s new to them and are not sure about its implementation.

Understanding analytics better

Many companies collect data on user behaviors and conversion data, but surprisingly fail to turn insight into fruitful action. It is crucial to gain the insight that will help you improve conversion rates and increase leads. Sitecore’s Engagement Value analytics help enterprises make ‘value’ based approach to gain useful information about business and its objectives, which ultimately enables enterprises to understand and relieve a clearer picture of future marketing strategy.

Hurdles are still there
Although digital presents the effective way to market and to build long-lasting, effective customer relationships, there are still substantial hurdles to full digital maturity.
Top three hurdles are:
1. Insufficient time, resources and understanding within the organization to make the best of digital channels
2. Poor understanding of analytics reporting and insufficient investment in systems
3. Absence of a robust framework for sharing information, especially across large enterprises
Ever growing investment
Sitecore’s report reveals many organizations are making big investments to build a single customer view and drive customer engagement. Below are the key investment areas:

  • Marketing automation and email campaign management and
  • Social marketing strategy and insight
  • Development of personalized content managed experiences for customers

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