How Digital Twin and IOT can provide Edge to Facility Monitoring

How Digital Twin and IoT can provide an advanced edge to facility monitoring?

How Digital Twin and IoT can provide an advanced edge to facility monitoring?
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Why do I need to implement Digital twin? was the question from many ‘’C’’ level executives we met during our latest IoT event. Here is our stand on why Digital twin is an integral part of industry 4.0 set up and it is crucial for any enterprise.

“Facility Management Market worth 59.33 Billion USD by 2023”
Source: MarketAndMarkets

Here we would like to highlight few aspects on this subject by showing the technology impact and its use case scenarios that can be helpful at enterprises for value adoption:

  • Improve remote resolution rates upto 70%
  • Maximize machine uptime and performance efficiency
  • Reduces machine maintenance costs; leading to increased RoI
  • Reduce operational costs for field service commuting by 40%
  • Avoid accidents into hazardous environment
  • Prevent any risk of human casualties
  • User friendly dashboard showing analytics/ report patterns with vital KPIs

How the solution works?

1. Spatial Anchoring helps in providing the machine identity into virtual world that can simultaneously lead to better data capturing and taking necessary actions.

2. Digital twin of these machines helps field-service engineers to track machine health without operating it physically that enables them making an effective strategy for better resolution and maintenance. Thus, increasing the field service operational efficiency.

3. Equipment real-time data visibility enables facility manager to raise a flag in unexpected conditions and assigning a ticket to field-service operator for scheduling the maintenance.

4. Remote collaboration helps these service operators to connect remotely with their leads for quicker problem solution.

Leveraging Digital Twin combining with IoTConnect to ease the complex and tedious task of field service technicians by providing them real-time data and insights for machine optimization. Since, technician performs such tasks in hostile environment AI + IoT solution concentrate on avoiding unwanted break-downs and hick-ups reducing the huge cost of down-time in heavy industries. It’s built in AI + Predictive feature notify users on possible down time which helps them to schedule maintenance in advance.

This smart solution will also provide a full-fledged user dashboard and visualization tool which helps the company authorities obtain deeper insights into various peripherals of the machines.

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